Subject: Indonesian independence
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 23:58:49 +1000
From: (Geoffrey Heard)

For immediate release: 10.30 pm AEST, Sunday 16/8/98
Indonesia's Independence Day is no day for celebration, say East Timorese

SYDNEY: Indonesia's Independence Day marks the creation of a corrupt Javanaese colonial state that delights in brutally crushing its adversaries through rape, torture, murder and genocide, the President of the Timorese Democratic Union (UDT), João Carrascalão, said today. He said he expected some East Timorese would turn out to celebrations of the day in East Timor, but the vast majority would do so only under threat of their livelihoods and ultimately, their lives. "East Timorese everywhere, even members of the Apodeti Party who campaigned for the integration of our country with Indonesia in the 1970s, today totally reject any notion of East Timor being a part of Indonesia. "All five major East Timorese political parties, UDT, Fretilin, Apodeti, Kato (Traditional Monarchist) and Trabelhista (Labour), are united around the world today in calling for Portugal, the United Nations and Indonesia to meet with East Timorese leaders and negotiate a settlement of the East Timor situation based on a self-determination referendum for the East Timorese people. "It's estimated 200,000 East Timorese have died during the 23 years of forced Indonesian rule since the illegal invasion and annexation of East Timor. "More die every day. Women are raped. Children are tortured. Students who organise peaceful demonstrations are savagely gunned down by the Indonesian military. "Indonesian independence is a code word for Javanese oppression of the hundreds of other Ethnic groups within Indonesia, and outside its borders in East Timor. If you doubt that, ask the West New Guineans and the people of Aceh and Kalimantan. Look at the growing evidence that the army stimulated the Jakarta riots, targeted the Chinese, and were the murderous rapists of Chinese women."

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Mr Carrascalão said Indonesian Independence Day was an appropriate time for East Timorese everywhere to appeal to Portugal and the United Nations not to throw East Timor to the Indonesian wolves - as was threatened by Portugal agreeing at the United Nations sponsored talks two weeks ago to discuss the Indonesian proposal for East Timor become an autonomous province within Indonesia.

"Portugal and the United Nations have the responsiblity to provide the East Timorese people with a self-determination referendum. They have no mandate to negotiate the future of East Timor with another power - particularly a corrupt, murderous, illegal occupying force like Indonesia."

FURTHER INFORMATION: João Carrascalão, President, UDT % 02 9823 5616 0418 767 101 Domingos De Oliveira, Secretary-General, UDT % 08 9384 7943 Issued on behalf of UDT by Geoffrey Heard & Associates Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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