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Subject: Probowo Does Not Feel Any Guilt or Remorse says Brother
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 18:37:20 +0100 (BST)

Note from Joyo list subscriber: "Why aren't there any investigative reports about how Prabowo's brother Hashim bankrolled his criminal activities? Several of Hashim's business associates have said in private that they know as a fact Hashim secretly gave large amounts of money over the years to generals and other Prabowo operatives in Aceh and E.Timor (Black Ninja death squads etc) who were committing atrocities at Prabowo's behest. These informants say Hashim confided in them that he routinely provided funds for special counter- insurgency operations, but they are afraid to come forward. Hashim is complicit in Prabowo's crimes -- and this should be exposed!

Discharged Indonesian general does not feel guilty, says brother

Fri 28 Aug 98 - 08:25 GMT

JAKARTA, Aug 28 (AFP) - A son-in-law of ex-president Suharto who was discharged from the armed forces this week for his role in kidnapping and torturing actvists, feels he has done no wrong, his younger brother said Friday.

"He is feeling very calm and he has strong faith in God... he feels that he is not guilty (of any wrong doing)," businessman Hasyim Joyohadikusumo told reporters of his brother, former special forces commander lieutenant general Prabowo Subianto.

Armed Forces Chief General Wiranto (Eds: one name) on Monday announced that Prabowo, who was once seen as a potential successor to Suharto, was honorably discharged from the armed forces amid allegations of abduction and torture of activists earlier this year.

The decision, based on the findings of a high-level military officers' probe, also saw two other senior officers of the Kopassus elite force stripped of all posts though they were allowed to stay in the army.

Wiranto said the three could still be brought before a military tribunal should there be enough evidence from the court martials of seven Kopassus non- commissioned officers and three soldiers implicated in the same case.

"He is not talking because he is still bound by military discipline. He is still waiting for his retirement document," Hasyim said of his brother after attending a meeting of businessmen at the National Development Planning Board office.

The military inquiry team has said Prabowo had admitted during the 15-day long inquiry earlier this month to misinterpreting orders from a superior.

But the military council has not shed light on what the order was or who had issued it.

At least 24 activists had been missing since early this year and the nine who have resurfaced have told stories of forced abduction and torture as well as solitary detention. One was found dead.

Wiranto's move had a lukewarm reception among activists, who said the decision was too lenient and would do little to improve the military's image.

Hasyim said he was still "very proud" of his elder brother.

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