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Public Officials Email & Contact Information
Postings of Human Rights Violations in East Timor

June 9, 1998
ETISC: Historic Meeting in Dili, East Timor
Foreign Ministry not involved
Prisoners in Dili meet with Komnas Ham
Government to release 16 more political prisoners
USGOV- Food aid to E Timor

June 10, 1998
Indonesia might grant special status to East Timor
16 prisoners released
U.S. Catholic Bishops Letters
Habibie Names Prabowo's Brother as Special Ambassador
Timor Moves

June 11, 1998
APCET Statement on Habibie's Pronouncement on East Timor
BHP plans to sell Timor Sea assets
RadAustralia- report on June 6 in Dili

June 12, 1998
Interview with Bishop Belo, June 2

UPDATE - Timorese protest in Jakarta
ETAN-US statement on recent developments
Freed political prisoners stay to support Xanana
Governor of ET calls for release of Xanana
Habibie in the Footsteps of Suharto
Follow-up report about the E Timorese demonstrators

June 15,1998
Australian ambassador on integration
Students and locals call for referendum
Nobel Peace Co-laureate congratulates M'sian DPM
Students in E. Timor Exploit New Freedoms

June 16 - 19, 1998
Belo says population should wait 10-15 years for referendum

Hundreds of ETimorese at Justice Ministry
Timorese youth killed
Interview with Ma'Huno
Presidential Decree Releases 15 Timorese Political Prisoners
Xanana's Birthday

10,000 Students Rally in Dili As Difiance Grows
Defense Aide Responsible for 1991 Massacre
Albright Speech at Asia Society

June 20 - 26
Tens of Thousands Go Hungry in E.Timor
Message to S Pacific Forum
Becora prisoners stage demonstration
FRONPETIL: 12 June Incident Chronology
FRONPETIL: Statement at the Department of Justice
RENETIL on Abilio's Latest Manoeuvre
ETHRC Media Release- East Timorese Political Prisoners
ETHRC Report- East Timorese Political Prisoners
ETHRC Report- East Timorese Political Prisoners (continued)
Panjaitan, Labor activism on the radio
ETHRC UA 9/98: Rape
Canberra protest July 19
Army threat to 'cripple' mobs
East Timor killing
What 'special status' really means
Can East Timor survive as an independent state?
Pro-integration mischief?
Call to Habibie; 'protect East Timorese'
Call to Habibie; 'protect East Timorese' Another view

June 27 - 30
Two dead, four wounded as EU visit East Timor
Report on pro-integration Dili demonstration
RENETIL meets with Jamsheed Marker
report from Dili -- "beaucoup more dangerous"
chronology of pro-Integrasi demonstration
Today's meeting in Dili
Dili- eyewitness report of march for EU delegation
Can Timor be independent? -- the economic argument
Governor not supported by East Timorese
Position, Demands and Appeal of East Timorese Graduates
TAPOL Bulletin on The End of Suharto
Soldier on trial for Manatuto killing

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