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Subject: FRONPETIL: 12 June Chronology
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 11:44:34 -0400
From: "John M. Miller"

Subject: FRONPETIL: 12 June Chronology Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 16:10:02 +0700

Kabar dari PIJAR

Demonstration at the Department of Foreign Affairs: Chronology of Action by the National Front of East Timorese Youths, June 12, 1998

06.30. First wave of East Timorese masses entered the front yard of the Indonesia Departmenet of Foreign Affairs office.

07.00. Second wave of East Timorese Masses in three busses reach the Foreign Affairs' Department.

07.15. Four busses of masses entered the foreign affairs' front yard. Up to that time, the there were already 700 people in the Department of Foreign Affairs' front yard. At the mean time, one truck of Indonesian troops from Kavaleri unit arrived at the place. Forming a line surrounding the demonstrators.

07.30. The last wave of masses arrived at the department and the masses reached 1500 people. Mases started to show banners and display flags.

08.00-09.30 The demonstration started with the presentation of the coordinator, yelling the aspiration of the East Timorese People for the independence of East Timor and the realisation of a refferendum in East Timor as a way for te East Timorese to exercise their right to self setermination. Knowing the motive of the East Timorese Youth's presence at the building, the staff started to arrage the meeting between the demonstration's dialogue team and the Foreign Affairs' staff. At the same time, a Foreign Affairs' staff questioned the aim of the East Timorese's presence in front of the biulding. Telling the motive their presence, the spokesperson of the action guaranteed to the official in charge that there will be no violence or destructive actions from the demonstrators.

09.30-11.00. More Indonesian troops from marine unit, MP, Kostrad and Kavaleri were dropped in front of the building. and Tentara Indonesia Marinir ,POM, Kostrad dan Kavaleri ) Membawa 13 Truk dan mulai memasuki gedung Deplu untuk melasanakan evakuasi terhadap massa Fronpetil. Selain Tentara di dalam halaman Deplu, lebih dari 10 Satuan Setingkat Kompi telah memblokir jalan -jalan sepanjang Pejambon.

11.00 - 11.20 HJC. Princen, an Indonesian human right fighter came to the foreign affairs' office, gave his presentation, stated that he has been opposing the integration and and supporting the demand of the right to sefl determination fo the East Timorese ever since the invasion of Est Timor by the Indonesian military. HJC. Princen also called the security forces to grant the opportunity to the East Timorese to have a peaceful demonstration.

11.20 - 12.00 At the time the Moslems were praying, the presentations were stopped until the prayer finished. More troops in 13 trucks were arrived at the building.

12.00 - 12.45 The action was continued and the dialogue team gave a press conference. After the press conference, an Indonesian Official came to negotiate with the demonstrator to leave the building. The spokesperson request to the official to give more time to dicsuss with the demonsrator to decide the next step. Suddenly after the Official leave, the troops started to disperse the demonstration, tearing the flags and banners, and beatten the demonstrators. The troops moved towards the demonstrators, and ruthlessly beatten the demonstrator, including women. Three women, Lena (Yogyakarta), Agustinha Fonseca (Masiun), and Maria Helena (Yogya), were collapsed at that time, and taken into the building and then taken by some Indonesian Solidarity activists St. Carolus Houspital. The troops fron Kostrad Unit pushed the demonstrators to the fence of the bulding and throw them out to the street.

13.00-13.30 The demonstrators were forced to get into busses the military have prepared. The demonstrators were still ruthlessly beaten. With the close guarding of the Indonesian troops and Military Police, the demonstrators were moved to unknown place.

13.30 - 16.00 The masses on 14 buses were moved around the Jakarta city, passed Kampung Rambutan, S. Parman Street. Six busses sttopped at Pilar Raya St, West Jakarta, sropped some demonstrators in Panti Sosial Bina Karya at Kembang Raya street, Kebon Jeruk, Jakrta. Three busses dropped the demonstrators at Cibubur Camping Ground, and the rest dropped the masses Kodim Jakarta Timur.

16.00-21.00 Confirmed that there are only two detention centres, Cibubur Camping ground and Kedoya (West Jakarta). No opportunity given to the demonstrators to have medical treatment for the injuries they experienced.

21.00-24.00 Masses in Kedoya were moved to Cibubur, and detained together with the others until June 13.

June 14 1998:

07.00-08.00 The authority forced the demonstrators that they have to leave the camping ground and go to their respective cities at the soonest possible time.

08.00-08.30 The authority forced the demonstrators to leave the camping groun on 09.00 AM and leave jakarta on 14.00.

12.00-20.00 Masses were evacuated and dropped in Jatinegara train station. The Indonesian troops were putted surrounding the station to wacth closely the masses to make sure that they are leaving Jakarta.

The East Timoreses who are hardly injured:
Name Hospital
1. Lena (surabaya) RS. St. Carolus Jl. Salemba Raya 41 Jkt
2. Maria Helena (YK) "
3. Agustinha Fonseca (madiun) "
4. Nuno ximenes (Malang) -
5. Brigida L Soares (Kediri) RS. Tugu Ibu Jl. Bogor Raya Km 29
6. Imaculada da Silva (Jkt) -
7. Maria de Graca (YK) -
8. Alexandrinha Filomeno dos Santos (YK)
9. Florensio Freitas (Jember) RS. St Carolus
10. Lito/ Juvencio (sby) "
11. Domingos (Sby)
12. Elizabeth da S Amaral (Malang)
13. Ligia Mery Moniz Guteres (Sby)
14. Delfina Siqueira F Lopes (malang)
15. Hermenegildo Belo (sby)
16. Vicenti Manuel Luis G. (Bali)
17. Nunu Miguel Ximenes (Malang)
18. Servasio Valdemar Sarmento Barros (Sby)
19. Alvaro da Silva ( Semarang)
20. Francisco Borja ( Kediri) RS. St. Carolus
21. Carla M valenti (yogya) "
22. Constantino da Costa (UKP Sby) "
23. Napoleao Soares Da silva ( Unair Sby} "
24. Leila Florindo (YK )
25. Ana (YK)
26. Maria de Fatima (Bali)

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