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Subject: Two dead, four wounded as EU visit East Timor
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 17:07:25 +1000
From: East Timor Relief Association <>

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MEDIA RELEASE Saturday, 27 June 1998
Two dead, four wounded as EU visit East Timor

Reports just received from East Timor point to a new wave of unrest in two cities of East Timor, Dili, the capital and Manatuto, about 70 kilometres east of Dili.

Two men were killed when Indonesian military mixed with civilians known to be pro-integrationists shot both men and four of their companions who were badly wounded are now in the civilian hospital in Dili.

"This unjustified killing and wounding of six Timorese clearly indicates that the Indonesian government's intention regarding a solution for East Timor can not be trusted" said the Executive Director of East Timor Relief Association, Mr Agio Pereira.

Today, the European Union arrived in Dili. Their arrival is the key reason for the renewed violence perpetrated by the Indonesian government. "This new wave of Indonesian violence in East Timor comes with a show of force from the so-called 'integrationists' during the visit of the EU", Mr Pereira said.

Agio Pereira appeals to the international community and , in particular, the Australian government to send a special envoy from its embassy in Jakarta to report on the current situation. He urges the Australian government to reconsider its official policy on East Timor. For Australia to turn its face away at this time, would be a green light for the Indonesian government to continue to violate the resolutions of the UN Security Council in support of the right of the Timorese to self-determination".

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