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Subject: RENETIL meets with Jamsheed Marker
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 03:08:25 PDT
From: "Lurdes Bessa" <>


Three representatives of RENETIL abroad, Carlos da Silva Lopes, Secretary of the external delegation, Benjamim Martins and Martinho de Jesus, met yesterday with the United Nations Representative, Jamshed Marker, on the United Nations Information Center in Lisbon, presenting the following proposals:

1 - RENETIL completely refuses the proposal presented by President Habibie and the Foreign Minister Ali Alatas of giving a "special statute" to East Timor. RENETIL considers that the problem of East Timor is the fact that a process of decolonization was prevented by the Indonesian invasion of the territory. What is in stage now, and should be discussed is self determination for the People of East Timor, to be achived through a referendum supervised by the United Nations. The statute of an autonomy under the Indonesian State can only be discussed after the referendum, if most of the population votes for it. Meanwhile, RENETIL, will accept a non definite autonomy with Indonesia, under the supervision of the United Nations with the aim of realizing a referendum in a short time.

2 - RENETIL demands the inclusion of the RESISTANCE in the dialogue, without pre-contions, to discuss the question of East Timor. We realize that during this 23 years the Resistance has been kept apart from all the processes of resolution of their own question.

3 - RENETIL demands the withdraw of the Indonesian Armed Forces of East Timor under the supervision of the United nations.

4 - RENETIL asks United Nations to establish a Human Rights Comission in East Timor, in order to grant the free assiciation and free expression of the People of East Timor, according to their political options.

5 - RENETIL asks United Nations to pressure Jakarta in order to liberate all timorese political prisoners, including Xanana Gusmao, so that he can participate in the dialogue process. The case of Gregorio Saldanha has also been refered. Gregorio is now in Semarang prison, and has been condemed to life prison for having organized a peacefull demonstration in Dili on the 12st November 1991.

6 - RENETIL will do anything to assure that the referundum will bepacific among the Timorese themselves, as well as between Timorese and Indonesian living in East Timor. If most of the population decides for Independance than the Indonesian will have two choices: return to Indonesia or stay in East Timor and became Timorese citizens or stay with the statute of emigrants.

To this proposals the envoy of the United Nations Jamsheed Marker answered that the United Nations will pressure Jakarta to liberate all political peisoners, refering also to the situation of Gregorio Saldanha. Jamsheed Marker also said that during his visit to Jakarta he will visit Xanana Gusmao.

Refering to the proposal presented by Indonesia he mentioned that this was a very important step and that he is discussing with the Portuguese Government, the Resistance and other entities to prepare the next talks which will take place at the end of next month. The AIETD will also continue but now in a different way, acoording to the recent developments and changes that took place specially in Indonesia.

Jamsheed Marked afirmed that it is not possible for the United Nations to impose a solution to the People of East Timor, without listening to all the involved parts in the question through a dialogue.