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Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 13:01:13 GMT

The following is a slightly abbrieviated and hastily-done translated of a statement issued by East Timorese students who are now occupying the building of the regional assembly, the DPRD, in Dili. The students entered the building at 8 am local time and are still occupying the building:


We are deeply concerned at the events in Weberek, Alas, Uato-Carabau, Fatuberliu, Same, Baucau, Atabae and Ossu which are in violation of the Dare Communique. We believe that these tragic events have deliberately been created by certain groups anxious to maintain the status quo which has meant the sacrifice of East Timorese lives.

We express our profound condolences to the families of those bereaved.

We strongly condemn the brutal and inhuman actions of members of ABRI in pursuit of their military/political strategy to intimidate, arrest, torture, rape and murder East Timorese people.

We condemn the lack of seriousness on the part of the Habibie transitional government in reaching a solution to the question of East timor by for instance claiming to have withdrawn troops while in fact bringing in more troops and re-arming the para militaries composed of East Timorese.

Condemn the attitude of the regional government and ABRI which have allowed the conflict to intensify without taking preventive and proactive measures to safeguard and protect the people, especially those living in the above regions.

We regret that attitude of some East Timorese who do not have the political will to resolve the question of East Timor on the international stage.


We demand that the regional government and ABRI take the following action:

1. ABRI forces and the para militaries should refrain from taking offensive-repressive measures which can only bring disaster for the people of East Timor.

2. To halt all violence against the civilian population in East Timorese generally and especially in Manufahi, Bobonaro, Baucau, Liquica and Viqueque which have already resulted in many casualties.

3. To press for open dialogue between the region government and political organisations in East Timor to seek a peaceful solution which would avoid the continuance of prolonged conflict in East Timor.

4. Establish the basis for a new dialogue as a continuation of the Dare Reconciliation Dialogue, and pave the way for the presence of the UN to supervise and arbitrate this dialogue.

5. Call for dialogue at all levels of the political structures in East Timor to create a democratic atmosphere which will facilitate a resolution of the East Timor question.

We also call on the Indonesian Government:

1. To repeal Law No 7, 1976 on the integration of East Timor into the Republic.

2. To withdraw Indonesian troops from East Timor because the Indonesia military presence is only proof of the illegal occupation of the territory of East Timor.

3. To immediately release all East Timorese political prisoners, in particular Xanana Gusmao, in the context of finding a peaceful solution to the question of East Timor.

4. To stop giving weapons to East Timorese because this only reinforces the policy of divide and rule.

5. Demand that the Indonesian govrnment and in particular ambitious generalsa should accept responsibility for the thousands of victims among ABRI forces only to serve their territorial ambitions, using the war in East Timor as a means of seeking financial benefits and promotions for senior ABRI officers.

6. That the bereaved families and orphans of Indonesian officers killed in action, also including the East Timorese should charge in court these ambitious and opportunist generals.

III. Calls on the United Nations:

1. To immediately place peace-keeping forces in East Timore to monitor the repressive actions of the Indonesian military there.

2. To immediately open a human rights office in East Timor to monitor human rights violations by the Indonesian military and conduct investigations about abuses perpetrated by the Indonesian military during their occupation of East Timor.

3. To establish a special UN office on the question of East Timor to respond to all the political demands of the developing situation in East Timor.

4. To call on the Indonesian government to withdraw all its troops, to do so transparently and to complete the withdrawal within six months from now.

IV. To call on the international community:

1. To stop all military support to the Indonesian government because this only fosters the arrogance of the Indonesian military which is ultimately expressed in actions to attack the people of East Timor.

2. To end all financial and economic assistance to the Indonesian government until such time as the question of East Timor is properly resolved.

3. To urge the Indonesian government to remove all obstacles preventing non-governmental organisations from gaining access to East Timor.

TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign 111 Northwood Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8HW, UK Phone: 0181 771-2904 Fax: 0181 653-0322 email: Campaigning to expose human rights violations in Indonesia, East Timor, West Papua and Aceh

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