Subject: Renetil Letter to UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 08:53:27 +0000

Renetil Letter to UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan

Renetil (National East Timorese Students Resistence - UK Group) 55 Maidcroft Road Oxford OX4 3EH

Mr Kofi Annan 15 September, 1998 Secretary General United Nations New York USA

Your Excellency

We, the Timorese in exile in the United Kingdom, want to thank you for the strong efforts made by you and your staff to help resolve the long and destructive conflict in our country. We find it diffi We present to you a petition signed by us and many friends and supporters in the United Kingdom.

Recent news of discussion on autonomy for East Timor does cause us some fear especially when our representives, and particularly our leader Xanana Gusmao, is not included in these talks about our fut Xanana is not the only Timorese prisoner. Many of us continue to be illegally held in prisons both known and uknown and all the people in East Timor are still prisoners in our own land. We demand the We Timorese have experienced immense suffering at the hands of a brutal army who still occupy our land instilling fear in the hearts of the people. B.J. Habibie is part of the forces of dictatorship We respect that autonomy can be part of a process leadi ng to our freedom but we have no confidence that any true autonomy will be respected by the Indonesian military and who would undoubtedly continFinally, whatever autonmy is agreed by us, through our leaders and representives, it can only be a stage in th e process of the people of East Timor preparing for our self-determination and freedom, w In the hope of an end to our struggle we thank you for your support and belief in our rights.

A luta continua

Acacio Marques Germano F. Gomes Ezequiel F. D'Oliveira

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