Subject: Clinton Meets With Indonesian Pres To Discuss Troubles

Associated Press June 13, 2000

Clinton Meets With Indonesian Pres To Discuss Troubles

WASHINGTON (AP)--President Bill Clinton met with Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid during a short visit to discuss the country's troubles.

White House spokesman Mike Hammer said Clinton went over Wahid's economic and military reform programs, as well as Indonesia's political situation during a brief meeting Monday.

"The president encouraged him to strengthen Indonesia's democracy," Hammer said, adding that they "no doubt" discussed the East Timor situation.

Clinton's national security adviser, Sandy Berger, was also present at the half-hour meeting. Wahid is in the United States primarily for medical reasons.

Indonesia is dealing with a myriad of crises, including reported human rights abuses by the military, a crippled economy and, most recently, a major earthquake and resulting aftershocks in Sumatra that killed over 100 people, injured 1,900 and left many more homeless.

After three decades of authoritarian rule, Indonesia is facing repeated challenges to national unity.

Two regions wishing independence erupted into violence after Jakarta refused, and just last week Wahid's government turned down another area looking for autonomy. East Timor is currently being run by the United Nations as it prepares for independence.

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