Subject: AFP: US warns of violence in Timor

US warns of violence in Timor AFP

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 13 - The United States warned today of an explosion of violence in East and West Timor unless the Indonesian army acts quickly against militias.

But the US permanent representative to the United Nations, Richard Holbrooke, said the UN Security Council should wait to hear from Indonesia before sending a delegation to Jakarta.

"We run the risk of the two halves of Timor exploding into a new era of violence unless swift and strong action is taken by the international community and by the Indonesian military authorities," Holbrooke said.

The Security Council decided on Friday to send a mission to Jakarta next week with what diplomats called "a strong message to the government" insisting that it disarm and disband the militias.

"The Indonesians say they are sending a special envoy to New York to talk to us first," Holbrooke said.

"It is appropriate for the Security Council to hear the views of that envoy before the mission sets out for Jakarta, if the schedule works out correctly," he added. 

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