Subject: Infamous Militia Leader Not Afraid

Detikworld, September 30, 2000

Infamous Militia Leader Not Afraid

Reporter: Nurul Hidayati / BI

Jakarta--The Commander for Pro Integration Forces (PPI), Eurico Guterres is believed to have said that he is not afraid of being arrested. Guterres statement came to light after the Indonesian President, Abdurrahman Wahid released an order for his arrest. The International community has been pressuring the Indonesian Government to take stronger measures to contain the actions of resilient militias in the region.

Guterres' outspoken challenge was revealed by PPI's Deputy Commander, Joanico Cesario to detikworld on Saturday (30/9/2000). However, Guterres was unavailable for comment.

Joanico said that he was with Guterres when the news televised that an order for his arrest had been made by President Abdurraham Wahid . They believed that the Indonesian President, had issued the order because he believed that some of militias' members were still holding firearms. However, Joanico challenged Wahid to "proove" his accusation.

Joanico explained that PPI is a humanitarian organization. Its members are widely spread and it would be impossible to gather all their weapons in the limited time that had been set aside for the procedure. Nevertheless, Joanico said that his group would continue persuading its members to surrender their weapons. He said that more than 200 weapons from his own militia group had already been handed over.

Joanico believes that the order for Guterres arrest possibly came about after Guterres failed to report to the authorities. He also stated that the Attorney General, Marzuki Darusman had issued a "false report". Joanico said that Guterres was not disturbed by the report of the order for his arrest he even laughed at the order and challenged the government to "proove his guilt". Joanico added that for the benefit of Indonesia's effort to maintain peace throughout the provinces there wouldn't be any ill feeling expressed towards the governmet, or acts of revenge taken out on local authority.

It was reported earlier, that Wahid had issued Guterres with an order for his arrest because he believed that enough evidence had been gathered to proove that Guterres had violated the law. He said that the Attorney General had been notified and the Indonesian Police would execute the order immediately.

Wahid also said that the call for Guterres arrest had been made in an effort to reduce criticism against the current government and to prove that the Indonesian government is taking measures to solve problems in its outlying regions

Since Wahids call for Guterres arrest, the Attorney General has announced that it was highly likely that Guterres trial would be held in Jakarta, since court proceedings conducted in Kupang two to three months ago had proved undecisive. Marzuki stated that the judge who presided over Guterres last appearance in court had proven incompetent at determining Guterres's civilian status and bowed easily to pressure. As a result the court case had been adjourned. Marzuki continued on to say that Guterras has flouted the governments warning by carrying and being in possession of weapons

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