Subject: E. Timor to be divided into 3 provinces, 1 special region

Kyodo Newswire [Japan] February 12, 2001

E. Timor to be divided into 3 provinces, 1 special region

DILI, East Timor,

The Timorese National Council, East Timor's provisional legislature, has decided to divide the territory into three provinces and one special region.

In an interview last week with a group of Indonesian journalists, legislative member Clementino dos Reis Amaral said the new provinces are Eastern East Timor, Central East Timor and Western East Timor.

The Eastern East Timor province comprises the districts of Manatuto, Los Palos, Baucau and Viqueque. Central East Timor consists of the districts of Dili, Aileu, Liquica and Same, while the province of Western East Timor covers the Ainaro, Covalima, Ermera and Bobonaro districts.

Meanwhile, Amaral said, an enclave in the Indonesian territory of West Timor called Oecussi will be designated a special area, comprising one district of the same name.

'Each district will send its representatives to sit in the constituent assembly that will be elected through a general election in August,' he said. The constituent assembly will eventually become a National Legislative Assembly.

While the date of the first general election in independent East Timor has not been officially set, it is widely expected to be Aug. 30.

Amaral, the former secretary general of Indonesia's National Commission on Human Rights, said candidates from 13 different parties are expected to participate in the election.

In addition to the political parties, nongovernmental and professional organizations will also be able to nominate candidates to run for seats in the parliament, said Amaral.

The East Timor National Council, Amaral said, is currently deciding which governmental system, presidential or semi-presidential, it will adopt.

'The semi-presidential system will apparently be applied in East the state power will not be only in the hands of the president,' he said.

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