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Early March

March 25 - 31

Judge must send message on war crimes in Lumintang case : activists

Ramos-Horta replaces Gusmao as Timor leader
Former pro-Indonesia E. Timorese discuss reconcilliation
East Timor press headlines-30March2001
Aust complains to UN on Timor meat
Women Urge U.S. not to Support Indonesian Military
Timorese leader Gusmao criticizes use of aid funds
Strengthened "Timorization" paves way to viable independence
East Timor Press Headlines- 29March2001
Donors Optimistic Despite Transition Problems

Timor refugees dying of hunger
Indonesia resumes fuel supplies to East Timor
Fretilin's First President Announces New 'Third Way' Party
East Timor press Headlines- 28March2001
E Timor Independence Leader Rules Out Becoming President
Bishops appeal to refugees in W Timor to return

Elections Set/Xanana Resigns Council

Ramos-Horta replaces Gusmao as Timor leader
E Timor Independence Leader Rules Out Becoming President
National Council Rejects Bill on Constitutional Commission

Timor schedules first democratic elections for 30 August
NGOs Urge Security Council To Slow Independence Pace

Xanana speech at signing of electoral regulation
Bishop Belo: Do not choose party that destroys Timor
National Council Members Explain Rejection of Quotas for Women  
UN fears sabotage of East Timor elections
E. Timor independence may be delayed -Ramos-Horta

National Council Approves Election Law, Rejects Quotas for Women
East Timorese Group Calls For Election Postponement

E. Timor NGOs protest UN police predictions of election violence

West Timor newspaper summaries 20-27 March
U.S. Says Embargo Not Responsible For Indonesian Deaths
UN Condemns Downgrade Of Charges In West Timor Killings
Police Force Celebrates First Anniversary
No ban on key air force parts for Indonesia --U.S.
National Council Rejects Bill on Constitutional Commission
JawaPos- former get soldiers with separation pay
E Timor votes against consultative process leading to constitution
East Timor press headlines-27 March2001
Chissano Praises Armed Forces as Example for East Timor
ANU diggers find signs of old life on East Timor
Recovered Archives To Protect Territory's 'Memory' - UN Chief
East Timor news headlines-26 March 2001
Extracts from an interview with Abílio Araujo
Arrest at Xanana Speech
Police arrest suspect at Xanana speech.

Plot vs. Xanana
CNRT Press Conference on plot against Xanana

This Is A Strategy to Destroy Security (Xanana)
Support for Xanana Pours In
Radicals Threaten to Kill, Gusmao, UN Administrator
Renegade party denies plot to kill Gusmao

Camilio Freed, Gill and Americo Still Detained

UN Blames E Timor Violence On Pro-Indonesian Agitators
Indonesia special forces deny plot to kill Gusmao
Xanana and Taur Matan Ruak on alleged plot
UN Police Abort Grenade Attack on Gusmao, Detain Three

March 18 - 24
USGOV- Secretary Powell-Foreign Minister Downer Press Briefing
Foreign Policy in Focus: Paul Wolfowitz, Reagan’s Man in Indonesia, Is Back at the Pentagon
US court set to open trial for General Johny Lumintang
Solving E Timor Refugee Problem Not Only Indonesia`s Responsibility
Pro-Jakarta Militias Vow To Continue Fighting East Timor Government
Kristy Sword Gusmao & Kidnap Girl's Family to plead case in Geneva
Australia rejects foot and mouth fear in East Timor
Race to get last refugees back to East Timor

Indonesia's House approves ad hoc human rights court
E. Timorese refugees must choose by May 1- Indonesian gov't
East Timor militia boss Guterres faces one year jail term
East Timor news -22 March 2001
UN retreats on spying allegation
Indonesia - Australia- Under the scar tissue
Authorities Order Halt to Construction of Dili Hotel

Seoul Mission to Open in E. Timor
East Timor press headlines- 20 & 21 March 2001
UN Continuing Efforts to Resolve Situation of Refugees in West Timor
Timor on track for independence, but needs help- UNDP
Mounting Instability Natural But 'Preoccupying' - Lisbon Official
East Timor press -19 March 2001
East Timor press-17 March 2001
East Timor as Portugal's Post-Colonial Trophy

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 4: 31 December 2000 with a focus on "The World Bank in East Timor."

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

March 11 - 17
UN security officers to assess situation in West Timor
Raped girl's plight to go before UN Rights Commission
Fear bars family reunion
East Timor violence spreads to Baucau

UN Cuts Estimate Of Refugees Still In Indonesian W Timor
East Timor press-15 March 2000
East Timor cabinet bans controversial hotel construction
Viqueque Calm Ahead of Thursday Visit by Vieira de Mello
Lisbon To Study Speed Up in Aid Programs, Official Says
East Timor press - more 15 March 2001
East Timor Press -14 March 2001

East Timor's militia leader Eurico Guterres refuses UNTAET questioning

One Person Killed in Burned Out Boromatan, Portuguese Evacuated
Indonesia pushes for lifting of US arms embargo
Not guilty on Timor? Explain this then (Australia's Role)
Int'l Women's Day in East Timor
East Timor press headlines 12 March
E. Timor as Portugal's post-colonial trophy
Clashing Youths Burn 30 Houses, Cars Near Viqueque
East Timor press headlines-10 March 2001

ETAN's John M. Miller on the violence in Indonesia, U.S. military assistance, and justice issues in Coming Apart: Kosovo And Indonesia, Newsweek on Air, March 4, 2001

Early March
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