Subject: East Timor headlines/19April2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines -- Thurs 19 April 2001

1. Confusion over news of attempt on Xanana's life 
2. Xanana to meet Prabowo, Wiranto 

1. Confusion, News Of Attempt On Xanana's Life (Timor Post, Front Page lead)

Dili - The people of Dili and its surroundings are shocked on Wednesday (18/4) by the news that circulated, of an attempt on the life of CNRT/NC president, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao on Tuesday (17/4) night at his residence in Bemori, Dili. Two of the five actors are said to have been arrested by security forces.

When asked, Xanana Gusmao did not contradict nor confirm the information. He advised reporters to seek confirmation from the UN Civpol. Meanwhile Civpol said that they have no information on the death attempt. Some of the inhabitants of Bemori also said that they did not know anything about it.

Timor Post Wednesday (18/4) observed that the information was passed by word of mouth among some sectors of society. However, when questioned further, not a single person can furnish the chronological detail of the event.

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2. Xanana Will Meet Prabowo And Wiranto (Timor Post, Front Page side-bar)

Dili - The president of CNRT/NC Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao will meet with Lieutenant General Prabowo Subyanto (former Kopassus Commander) and General Wiranto (former Commander of ABRI) at the international conference in Jakarta on Thursday (19/4) on the future of Indonesia. To attend the conference, the former president of the National Council of East Timor Wednesday (18/4) flew to Jakarta, accompanied by Aniceto Guterres, SH (Head of Yayasan Hak and NC member) and Sabino Amaral (Impettu).

At the conference that will be opened by the Indonesian Vice-President, Megawati Sukarno Putri at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Jakarta, President Xanana will present a paper entitled, " The Liberation Movement For Independence Of East Timor."

Sabino Amaral said to Timor Post yesterday before leaving for Jakarta, that the meeting between Xanana and the two generals, who had been masterminds in the violence in East Timor during Indonesian occupation, is a historical event for East Timor and Indonesia.

Nevertheless, he said that the meeting will not touch on questions of human rights violations in the region. "Xanana will try to control himself, speak as an intellectual and not become emotional because the crux of the conference is on the future of Indonesia," clarified Sabino.

Sabino admitted that the two former generals of the New Order have interest in destroying democracy in Indonesia and were against the struggle of the people of East Timor to free themselves from the Suharto regime and achieve independence. "At that time, the people of East Timor and Indonesia were confronting the regime," he said.

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