Subject: LUSA: Gusmao Calls for Reconciliation in Jakarta Speech

East Timor: Gusmao Calls for Reconciliation in Jakarta Speech 20 Abr-12:40

Underlining anew his theme of reconcialition [sic] with Indonesia, East Timorese leader Xanana Gusmao told an international audience in Jakarta Friday that "nothing moves" his people against the former occupying power.

While expressing concern over the plight of Timorese refugees and the continued activities of anti-East Timor militias, Gusmao said Dili was "committed to establishing the best ties of friendship and cooperation" with regional states, "particularly with the brother- people of Indonesia and with the Indonesian government.

"Nothing moves us against the Indonesian people, who also suffered under the former (Suharto) regime", he told delegates to a conference on Indonesia's future.

"Nothing moves us against the current Indonesian regime, which we know is trying to make a success of the process of democratization".

He said he had no objection to Indonesia considering anti- independence militias as "heroes of Indonesian unity", but, that if they continued to use bases in West Timor "to provoke instability" in East Timor, "it is another matter", involving both his people and the international community.

"As long as the militias are not dismantled and cease to be a threat to the democratic process of constructing our country", UN peacekeeping forces "will continue to back the Timorese in security and stability", Gusmao stressed.

He reiterated Dili's intention of seeking membership in Southeast Asia's ASEAN community as a way to participate in regional efforts "to build peace and cooperation" and "defend universal values of human rights, democracy, freedom and justice".

A highpoint of Gusmao's participation in the international conference came when he exchanged salutes and embraces with General Prabowo Subianto, a former commander of Indonesia special forces in East Timor.

Now a businessman, Gen. Subianto has often been charged with responsibil[i]ty for much of the human rights abuses committed in East Timor, during the territory's long struggle for independence from Jakarta.

The conference delegates burst into loud applause when the two men embraced on the stage before them.

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