Subject: East Timor headlines/25May2001 - Reconciliation

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Friday 25 May, 2001

1. Xanana Gusmao: Reconciliation needs time 
2. Bishop Basilio: “If we want to live in peace we have to reconcile 
3. National Council debating regulation on Reception, Truth and Reconciliation Commission

1. Xanana Gusmao: Reconciliation Needs Time (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page headline)

The process of reconciliation needs time because it is one of the prerequisites for complete independence, said CNRT President Xanana Gusmao yesterday.

“How can we expect our bothers in West Timor to seek forgiveness if we ourselves are not ready to receive them?” asked Xanana yesterday at the opening of the Baucau reconciliation talks between various factions.

Twenty UNTAS members are currently in Baucau for a series of talks with political and community leaders, CNRT and UNTAET. The three-day talks are scheduled to end on 26 May.

The UNTAS delegation is led by Filomeno de Jesus Hornay.

According to Xanana previous reconciliation efforts failed because there was too much emphasis on brotherly love for one another for the sake of peace in society.

“Reconciliation takes time and we need to have more in-depth talks,” said Xanana.

“If the Timor Lorosae people are really ready to receive their brethren from West Timor, then they must also be ready to open their hearts and minds to the process of reconciliation,” added the CNRT President.

“We ourselves have to be clear on what we want in the reconciliation process to strengthen the bonds with our brethren from West Timor so that we can create a unified people.”

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2. Bishop Basilio: “If We Want To Live In Peace We Have To Reconcile” (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page second lead)

The leader of the Catholic Church in Baucau Bishop Basilio Nascimento said the split of the Timorese people into two factions was a result of all parties not wanting to have a dialogue amongst themslves.

“That split occurred because we did not want to have dialogue to achieve a common objective. At that dialogue we must be brave to tell the truth,” said Bishop Basilio at the opening of a reconciliation meeting in Baucau.

Bishop Basilio said many attempts at reconciliation had been made but they had yet to find a suitable solution that would be accepted by all the Timorese people for the sake of taking the country forward.

“The wounds on both sides run deep and now the fundamental issue is how to heal these festering sores. We pray to the Lord that he’ll be able to guide us.”

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3. National Council Debating Draft Regulation on Reception, Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Timor Post, Front Page second lead)

The National Council is half way through debating the draft Regulation on Reception, Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

In an interview with the Timor Post, National Council member Avelino Coelho said though the regulation was for the creation of the commission, the judicial process, however, will still go on.

“All those coming before the reception, truth and reconciliation commission will also be subject to the courts,” said Avelino who is also the general-secretary of the Socialist Party of Timor.

“There must be conditions laid down before reconciliation can happen,” added the NC member.

Avelino said reconciliation talks had been taking place since 1993, but to no avail.

“There were the Dare 1 and Dare 2 talks in Dili and Indonesia, with all the leaders, but nothing happened.”

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