Subject: East Timor headlines/28May2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Monday 28 May 2001

1. Activities in Baucau District court stop 
2. Timor Gap talks to resume tomorrow in Dili 
3. Qulicai violence: Demands made for compensation

1. Activities in Baucau District Court Stop (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page headline)

The Baucau District Court is no longer hearing cases after the assault, late last week, of two judicial officers by unidentified youths. The two judicial officers were Judge Pedro de Oliveira and Public Prosecutor Basilio Sequira.

According to an STL source, all judicial officers at the district court will only return to work if their safety could be guaranteed by Civpol.

Judge Pedro and Basilio, after they were assaulted, reported that more youths came to their house later at night to threaten them for reporting the matter to Civpol.

The STL source said court officers requested Civpol for personal protection, but the answer they received was disappointing.

“Civpol said they could only guarantee security at the Baucau District Court. They, however, could not provide personal security for the court officers when they went home,” said the source.

Because of that, said the STL source, Baucau District Court officers are planning to leave the district and seek protection in Dili.

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2. Timor Gap Talks To Resume Tomorrow in Dili (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page second lead)

Minister for Political Affairs and the Timor Sea Peter Galbraith said negotiations between Australia and Timor Lorosae on the Timor Gap will take place in Dili on Tuesday May 29.

“The Australian delegation will be in Dili and we will see what happens,” said Galbraith.

When asked what position will be taken by UNTAET/ETTA in the negotiations, Galbraith replied that there was only one position.

“I work for Timor Lorosae. Whatever position must be made by the definitive government of Timor Lorosae. I think negotiations have been going on well and I believe we will reach a clear and important understanding for Timor Lorosae,” he added.

When questioned on whether there were indications that Australia was willing to agree for Timor Lorosae to have 85 per cent of the oil and gas revenues from the Timor Gap, Galbraith replied that he did not have any comments on the issue.

“I like to remind that it the question of percentages is not the only issue. There are more complex matters than percentages. But we [Timor Lorosae] have to be entitled to what we should receive,” he added.

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3. Qulicai Violence: Demands Made For Compensation (Timor Post, Front Page third lead)

CNRT President Xanana Gusmao and David Ximenes, the umbrella organization’s security chief visited Quilicai in Baucau district on Friday. The area had been the scene of violent clashes over three days between rival gangs of youths. Over 25 houses in Quilicai had been burnt.

According to David Ximenes, Xanana demanded that those who were responsible for burning the houses start rebuilding them again.

“When I come back from the Arafura Games next week I want to see the houses, that you burnt, reconstructed,” Xanana told the people.

According to David Ximenes, Xanana advised the people not to repeat the violent mistakes of September 1999.

Meanwhile Civpol spokesperson Luis Carrilho in a telephone interview said police were still carrying out investigations into the clashes.

“Let me assure you that we [Civpol] will bring all guilty parties to court. We will be tough with them,” Carrilho told Timor Post.

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