Subject: East Timor headlines/31May2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines -- Thursday 31 May 2001

1. Parameswaran cancels Bishop Basilio’s trip to refugee camp 
2. Abilio Soares hands over his Laclubar property to Baucau diocese 
3. Border incident: Death toll and injury rises 
4. PSD to develop Timor Lorosae as an independent nation

1. Parameswaran Cancels Bishop Basilio’s Trip To Naibonat Refugee Camp (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page headline)

East Timorese refugees at the Naibonat refugee camp, in Indonesia-controlled West Timor, and a CNRT delegation were disappointed when Baucau Bishop Basilio Nascimento’s itinerary was cut short and his trip to the refugee camp cancelled by UNTAET Chief of Staff N. Parameswaran.

Thousands of refugees in the Naibonat Camp were awaiting Bishop Basilio’s arrival and had already cooked lunch for the Church leader. They had slaughtered a pig for the occasion.

The refugees said they had given an assurance that Bishop Basilio’s delegation would be protected at the refugee camp.

But suddenly Parameswaran cancelled Bishop Basilio’s visit to the Naibonat Camp. This caused great disappointment among the refugees. Some were even crying saying that all preparations they had made for the Bishop’s visit had gone to waste.

The CNRT delegation comprising Francisco da Costa Guterres, Francisco Borulaco Soares and Paulo Assis Belo said what was done by Parameswaran was inappropriate. The CNRT members also accused Parameswaran of sidelining them in the visit to Kupang, with the UNTAET Chief of Staff claiming the refugees were uncomfortable with CNRT people.

The CNRT delegation were invited by the refugees to Naibonat Camp to relate to them the actual living conditions in Timor Lorosae.

“We want actual information from CNRT people…we want to know when we can return. We don’t want that information from foreigners,” shouted some emotionally-charged refugees.

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2. Abilio Soares Hands Over His Laclubar Property To Baucau Diocese (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page second lead)

The ex-governor of East Timor Abilio Soares voluntarily handed over his property in Laclubar ­ also known as Manatuto ­ to the Baucau Church led by Bishop Basilio Nascimento.

Abilio Soares, who was governor during the Indonesian occupation, did the handover when he met Bishop Basilio at the Hotel Sasando in Kupang last night.

He discussed with Bishop Basilio a whole range of issues ­ from refugees to reconciliation. Also present at the meeting was the CRS Director Dr Florentino Sarmento.

“It makes no meaning, now, for me to participate in the development of Timor Lorosae. Why? Because I had done a lot of the Timorese people during the 24 years East Timor was part of Indonesia,” Abilio Soares told reporters.

The former East Timor governor urged Timor Lorosae leaders to develop the country wisely.

“Compared to the 24 years under Indonesia rule, I think Timor Lorosae, now, can be better developed. There are more Timorese intellectuals willing to help develop the country," said Abilio Soares.

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3. Border Incident: Death and Injury Toll Rises (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page third lead)

The death toll from Tuesday’s grenade explosion at Mohar village in Malaiana’s sub-district of Leohitu (Balibo) increased to five. The number of people injured so far has been reported at 42.

This was stated in a PKF press release issued by Captain Jeff Squire yesterday. The five dead have been identified as locals.

Tuesday’s blast occurred when a hand grenade was thrown in a crowded market place in Mohar village near the border area under the jurisdiction of UNTAET.

“It is still not known who threw the grenade,” said Captain Jeff Squire.

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4. PSD To Develop Timor Lorosae As An Independent Nation (Timor Post, Front Page second lead)

Editor’s Note: The are rumors that the Social Democrat Party (PSD) was formed to campaign for the integration of Timor Lorosae as a Portuguese colony. Mario Viegas Carrascalao, the President of PSD, in this interview with Timor Post refutes those claims:

Timor Post: It is claimed that PSD will campaign for the integration of Timor Lorosae with Portugal. What are your comments?

Mario Carrascalao: The people integrate with Portugal? In our application forms, all those who want to becomes party members must agree to sign a declaration that they accept the results of the 30 August 1999 referendum. Also, they must be ready to develop the country as a fully independent nation. There is no talk of integration. Previously that was also the talk of UDT. But UDT, now, has changed.

Again I repeat, PSD intends to develop Timor Lorosae as an independent country. Timor Lorosae will stand on its own feet and will be friends with all neighboring countries. But we will not have a new boss.

Timor Post: In the PSD Declaration, it is stated that the party promotes political freedom. If there are certain individuals who use dangerous politics to destroy the country, what are you going to do?

Mario Carrascalao: Anyone who wants to destroy the country will be subject to the law. Whoever breaks the law will be dealt with by the courts. Haven’t we stated in our declaration that we want Timor Lorosae to be a law-abiding country.

But there must be freedom ­ and we mean political freedom. Yes, there can be freedom of political ideology ­ but that doesn’t mean freedom to sell the country.

Timor Post: The campaign period is getting close. What programs has PSD planned?

Mario Carrascalao: PSD has its own program. We have already got a draft. But it needs the approval of all the PSD members ­ and we intend to get that at the PSD Congress in early July.

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