May 2001
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Late May

May 13 - 19
Military skeptical that 95% Timorese to become Indonesian
Indon agrees to pay pensions to former E.Timor public servants
UN Will Not Monitor Registration Of Refugees In W Timor
UN report shows increase in E.Timor violent crime
Portugal Backs Continued UN Presence After Independence
Gusmao, Ramos Horta Meet Kissinger in New York
E Timor Leaders Urge UN Council To Keep Peacekeepers

West Timor newspaper summaries 11-17 May
UN set up in E. Timor, Indonesia agree to form border panels- report
East Timor headlines-17May2001
Dili Leaders Meet Washington Lawmakers Prior to Big Aid Package

Gusmao Meets Powell in Washington, US Promises Continued Support
Fretilin Plans Civic Education Program
East Timor's Scourge Serves Time on His Patio
East Timor headlines-16May2001
LH- Case against Dr. Sergio Lobo
Indonesian airline to open new routes to East Timor, India, Taiwan
East Timor headlines-15May2001

NGO Forum declines to join UNTAET Constitutional Process
East Timor headlines-14May2001
E. Timorese girl, 15, rescued from sex slavery in W.Timor
UN chief in Timor unhappy with criticisms of Portuguese MPs
East Timor Coffee Companies to Pay for Beans With U.S. Dollars
West Timor newspaper summaries 4 - 10 May
West Timor newspaper summaries 27 April - 4 May
Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 1 & 2: 31 April 2000 with a focus on "Focus on
Funding East Timor's Reconstruction."

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

May 6 - 12
UN Pushes US Dollar As Official E Timor Currency
East Timor headlines-11May2001
Deal is close on oil and gas bounty
East Timor headlines-10May2001
E Timor Aid Workers Demand Tougher Sentences For Slayings
UNTAET To Seek Broader Mandate for Jakarta Atrocities Court
UN lets Indonesian military off the hook
Sweet-talking rebels look to ballots not bullets for victory
Portuguese MPs Criticize 'Costly' Administration
Australian Soldier- Gov't Failed To Prevent Timor Massacre
Australian troops in East Timor gear up for cross border incursions

Southeast Asian protesters lured by money, drugs and alcohol
Office of National Security Advisor Established
Officials Pleased with Strong Response to Party Registrations
East Timor headlines-8May2001
E Timorese Bishop To Visit Refugees In W Timor
Much Still to be Done on Road to Independence - Kofi Annan
Indonesian War Crime Suspects Get Promoted
Eurico heads Anti-Communist Coalition
East Timor headlines-7May2001  

Pressure will bring Timorese refugees home, says former JRS head
Indonesia's ET refugee re-registration set for June
Third Round of Timor Gap Oil Talks Ends with 'Some Progress'
Legislature Approves Budget for First Arms' Purchases

May 1 - 5
UN Starts Ferry Service Between E Timor Capital, Enclave
East Timor headlines-4May2001
East Timor headlines-3May2001
Pressure mounts for new accord on seabed carve-up
Jesuit Refugee Service- temporarily suspended programs in Noelbaki barracks
Jane's interview with Commander Paixao, East Timor Defence Force
East Timor headlines-2May2001
Fisheries Support Project Launched this Week
Ex-head of Timorese Integration Fighters confirms Veteran Brigade

Timor's crime fighters in crisis
East Timor press headlines-1May2001
Guterres set to slip through the net on atrocities
Gusmao calls for focus to remain on human rights

East Timor press headlines-30April2001
Dili Minister Calls for Postponement of August Elections
Vote Registration Advancing Well, 160,000 Already on Books

Late May

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