October 2001
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Early October

New Reports
Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (PDF file/Text)
Indonesia at the Crossroads: U.S. Weapons and Military Training (World Policy Institute) 

NGOs Write UN on Int'l Tribunal: IFET, East Timorese NGOs, Internationals in East Timor

October 21 - 31
East Timor to focus on renewable resources -Gusmao
E. Timor to lobby U.N. for continued technical aid
Australia Hands Over New Military Base To E Timor Army
Timor team studies transparency in PNG institutions
Returning Refugees in Poor Health
House letter re. peacekeeping in E. Timor
Graves of Indonesian fighters in E. Timor need relocation

$66 Million Judgment Against Indonesian General Lumintang

ETAN: Court Issues $66 Million Judgment Against Indonesian General Lumintang for E Timor Violence

Judgments Over-Easy-- Executions Rare
US judge slaps US$66 million in damages on Indon general
Johny denies responsibility over mayhem in East Timor
Indonesia to ignore US court ruling against top general
Democracy Now! in Exile interviews attorney Anthony DiCaprio
(Real Audio)

See Indonesian Generals on Trial

UN Slams Indonesia Over Slow Pace Of Justice For E Timor
Disputes threaten lucrative Timor Gap pipeline
Rights tribunal judges will be impartial- Indon Chief Justice
Indon govt to build 1,200 houses for East Timorese refugees
Alkatiri and Gusmao in Portugal on Separate Visits
Rupiah still used in ET
Indonesian-E Timor Trade
E. Timor formally asks UN for independence May 20

Rep. Leach letter re. peacekeeping in E. Timor
Megawati Goes to Washington

ETAN/IHRN Oppose Blanket Waiver for Human Rights
On Eve of Megawati Visit, Groups Urge Bush to Maintain Restrictions on Military Ties with Indonesia
Indonesia is a Risky Ally in Terrorism Fight

The Daughter's Generals
Scott Burchill - Indonesia and Terror

White House- Joint Statement Between U.S. & Indonesia
No strings attached to U.S. aid to Indonesia- Analysts
TAPOL Statement on the Megawati-Bush Joint Statement

October 14 - 20
E. Timor formally asks UN for independence May 20
West Timor Press Summaries 09/28 - 10/16/01
Trial of Pro-Indonesia Militiaman Delayed; Accused Of Killing UN Soldier
Tampa Affair- How the UN blocked East Timor solution
Alkatiri in Lisbon for Week-long Aid, Cooperation Talks
United Timorese NGOs calls for an international ad hoc tribunal
Timorese man to face trial over murder of New Zealand peacekeeper

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 5: Women and the Reconstruction of East Timor

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now in Exile RealAudio programs  http://www.webactive.com/

Pro-Jakarta Militiaman Returns To E Timor To Face Justice
Othman replace as General Prosecutor in East Timor
Foreigners building East Timor's new army
Nobel Prize- Portugal, East Timor Applaud Choice for Peace Award
Major announcement on Timor Sea gas expected soon - Henderson

East Timorese Responses 
to Sep. 11 and 
the Bombing of Afghanistan

East Timorese offer condolences at the U.S. mission in E. Timor
NGO activists from Fokupers and Yayasan Hak bring their condolence messages and flowers to the U.S. Mission in Dili. September 13. Photo by Charles Scheiner.
Xanana: Lessons learnt by UN in East Timor not relevant for Afghanistan

US air strikes upset Gusmao
Jose Ramos Horta backs U.S. attacks in Afghanistan
Past bites back at America, say visiting Dili journalists
Open Letter to Dr. Jose Ramos Horta; plus response
JRH Address to Memorial Service
Militia Thug Eurico Guterres Fans Flames of Anti-American Sentiment

Early October
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