September 2001
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Early September Postings

Statements at Sept. 6, 2001 press conference organized by the ETAN on anniversaries of Suai massacre and Atambua killings

Megawati Goes to Washington

September 23 - 30
Ramos-Horta speech to Oxfam - CAA National Conference
East Timor prepares for post- independence security threats
Ravished East Timor still struggles to find justice
UN Indicts Indonesian Troops Over "Planned Mass Murder" in Timor
Health NGOs Begin to Leave Territory
Militia Thug Eurico Guterres Fans Flames of Anti-American Sentiment
Indonesia Air Chief warns of foreign powers using E. Timor airstrips
Death Toll in Oecussi Epidemic Revised Down to Six
Crunch Time Soon For Timor Sea Development Decisions
Australian defence chief wants closer ties with Indonesia
Timor Assembly & Cabinet Seated
Ajiza Magno, October 2001
Ajiza Magno, a member of East Timor's constituent assembly, in Dili. Ajiza participated in an ETAN speaking tour in the fall of 2000. Photo by Charles Scheiner.

Gusmao Turns Down One Commission - Accepts Another
E. Timor announces cabinet lineup
Cabinet appointed for East Timor
Assembly prepares to draft constitution

Speech by Mari Alkatiri at swearing in of transitional gov't
Independence veteran elected E. Timor assembly speaker

Timor's new assembly begins with mourning for U.S.

E. Timor to open representative offices in 4 countries
Constituent Assembly Elects Deputy Speakers

Opposition Parties Accuse UN
Constituent Assembly winners names and parties
UN Certifies First Election in the Newly Born East Timor
Fretilin receives lesson in democracy
Fretilin says Gusmao must run as independent to win support
UDT Congratulates Fretilin, but Contests Election Process
Timorese leaders reiterate commitment to government of inclusion
Vieira de Mello Praises Conduct During Assembly Elections
UN rejects claims of East Timor poll fraud
Fretilin leader makes victory speech
East Timor's leaders invited to meet Indonesia's Megawati
Fretilin Wins E Timor 1st Election With 57% Of Vote -UN
East Timor Votes
E.Timor's Leading Rights Group Concerned Over Fretilin Majority
Interview with Fernando de Araujo, Leader of the Partido Democrat
24 Women in 88-Seat Constituent Assembly

West Timor Press Summaries 19-26-09-01
Talks aim to crack Timor Sea deadlock
Man to face trial for murder of New Zealand peacekeeper
E Timor Confident Of Saving Multibillion Dollar Gas Pipe
East Timorese Students Arrive to Begin Courses
Canberra to seek sister-city relationship with Dili

September 16 - 22
Ex-Army members to farm in E. Timor
Exile returns to run East Timor
Jakarta's East Timor rights probe slammed
500 TNI members of East Timorese origin return home

Election Links

Earlier Election News

UNTAET Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) (English, Tetun, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia)
Asia Foundation East Timor Election Website (English, Bahasa Indonesia)
UNDP ET Electoral Assistance Project (English)

CIDADAUN (special election publication of Yayasan Hak
CIIR: Where are East Timor's women?
Oxfam calls on the Constituent Assembly to listen to the people

West Timor Press Update Sept 2 -18 2001
The Killing of Sander Thoenes- Slaughter And Hiding in Plain Sight
Open Letter to Dr. Jose Ramos Horta; plus response
JRH Address to Memorial Service

Indonesia to hold in December tribunal on alleged Timor rights violations
East Timor Lures Experts in Helping New Nations
UNHCR yet to return to W.Timor despite progress
Timor children reunited with parents but some refuse to return
U.S. Marines Practice Landings Off Timor

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 5: Women and the Reconstruction of East Timor

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now in Exile in RealAudio programs at

Early September

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