Subject: East Timor Press Review Monday 17 June 2002

East Timor Press Review Monday 17 June 2002

∑ The Timor Post front page reported on the Indonesia delegationís visit to East Timor and said that both countries have planned to establish a commission to look into issues like business, assets, border demarcation and education for Timorese studying in Indonesia, citizenship and refugees.

∑ The paper reported that the foreign affairs director for the division of the region, Roberto Soares attended a meeting in Bangkok with the Ad Hoc experts working group on foreign affairs issue.

∑ Thirteen local NGOís have reportedly written a letter to the Parliament, the president, Prime Minister, bishops of Dili and Baucau, all the political parties and the local and international media urging the Timorese leaders not to sign an agreement over the Timor Sea issue between Australia and East Timor.

∑ The Timor Post ran a story on the Internal Minister Rogerio Lobato saying that pension payments for former Indonesian government civil servants has not arrived yet in East Timor. But the paper said that the Indonesia governmentís representative in East Timor, Kristio Wahyono, said the money was transferred to UNTAET on 8th of May 2002.

∑ The paper also reported that some members of parliament are urging the government to install traffic lights in order to reduce the rate of traffic accidents.

∑ The paper quoted Indonesia Minister of Social affairs, Bachtiar Chamsah, as saying that about 10,000 families currently in West Timor will return to East Timor by the end of December.

∑ In a separate article, The Timor Post reported that Indonesian minister for Internal Affairs, Hari Sabarno, said that the presence of Indonesia President Megawati Sukarnoputri at the Independence Day celebrations facilitates the continuing education for Timorese in Indonesia and the return of refugees in West Timor.

∑ The Timor Post reported that since March fewer people were visiting the Motael clinic.

∑ FDTL Brigadier General, Taur Matan Ruak, has been quoted by the Timor Post as saying that East Timor governmentís political agenda is one that focuses on maintaining peace, especially with its neighbors.

∑ The East Timor Police Service visited Oecussi district to evaluate the internal security following the independence phase and to look into the border issue between East Timor and West Timor, as well as handing out school materials. The Timor Post reported that currently there are 76 police officer stationed in that district. The paper said the delegation composed of 6 Timorese police, 2 Singaporean and 3 Portuguese UN police.

∑ Jo„o Corte-Real, a farmer from Aileu told the Timor Post that Timorese people should grow more food, especially those that are high in protein. The paper also quoted Corte-Real as saying that many residents of that area have left their farm to look for jobs in the capital Dili.

∑ Timor Post quoted the head of agriculture faculty of East Timor University, Osorio Florindo saying that the Timorese must change their mentality of laziness and focus more on agriculture.

∑ Seventeen families in Hera, on the outskirts of Dili, began cultivating rice in a 20-hectare land provided by Moises Alves reported Timor Post.

∑ Timor Post reported on Xanana Gusm„o visit to Australia. It said the president, accompanied by the minister for foreign affairs will meet the Timorese community of Sydney on Wednesday after the inauguration of East Timor embassy in Canberra.

∑ Timor Post also ran a story that ambassadors in Jakarta including the Portuguese ambassador, Ana Gomes are following the ad hoc tribunal in Jakarta. The paper said their presence in the tribunal is a sign that the international community is watching closely the trial.

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