Subject: East Timor Press Review Tuesday 18 June 2002

East Timor Press Review

Tuesday 18 June 2002

Timor Post front page reported that the head of a former pro-integration group, João Tavares, had requested that the whole town of Maliana be given to his group, the integration armed forces, (PPI). The request was made during Saturday’s meeting in Atambua with the delegation from East Timor.

TP reported Xanana Gusmão as saying that the country has to focus on the reconciliation process in order to strengthen national unity to enable the return of Timorese currently living in West Timor.

The President’s Chief of Staff, Agio Pereira, said the official visit of Xanana Gusmão to Australia is to thank the government and the people of Australia for their support since 1999.

Timor Post reported again on the issue of installing traffic lights in Dili because of the increase in traffic accidents. The paper also reported that since the transfer of powers from UNTAET many Timorese have been unable to travel because the government has not established passports or travel documents.

It was reported that 779 Timorese students have been granted scholarships to finish their studies in Indonesia. The funds were donated from various countries and will be administered by UNDP.

TP reported that many dogs and chickens have died in Beloi, Atauro Island, because of a disease. Residents of the island have requested a veterinarian to address the problem.

The paper says that 319 people of Maliana district have applied to become members of FALINTIL/FDTL. Out of this number 17 are female applicants.

Timor Post reported on the President’s official visit to Australia and said that on Monday he met with Australian Prime Minister, John Howard and many other ministers in Canberra before proceeding to Sydney to spend the last two days in that state and meet the Timorese community.

In an article the paper quoted the Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri as saying that Australia is maintaining the position that most of the the ‘Greater Sunrise’ is within their maritime boundaries. Alkatiri said, “the Sunrise should have been 100 per cent Timorese. This is our argument, but we are open for negotiations”.

Suara Timor Lorosae’s (STL) front page covered the visit of the Indonesia delegation and East Timor government officials to the Indonesian Heroes cemetery in Dili last Saturday after their meeting.

STL quoted the Member of Parliament, José Andrade, as saying that Leonel de Jesus a resident of Bobonaro district reported to him that a group of people in Maliana called “Kelompok Colimau 2000” are going around intimidating and forcing the local residents to join the group or they may be killed. The group has reportedly been seen wearing Osama bin Laden T-shirts and black pants in the past months.

The paper ran a story on the concern raised by Members of Parliament, Leandro Isaac (PSD) and Quiteria da Costa (UDT) on the Minister of Justice’s long leave of absence in order to visit her family overseas. They say that the country is facing problems and her services are much needed.

The paper reported that the head of a youth organization, Organização Popular da Juventude de Loriko Assuwain de Timor Leste (OPJLATIL) has said that up until today, he doesn’t know why UN Police and ETPS officers had their faces covered in masks when they arrested Cesaltinho de Fatima de Sousa.

STL reported that a family in Usindo II, Dili decided to take charge of a water supply center and charge money to those people who needed water.

The paper also ran a story that the dispute between East Timor Plumbing Gas (ETPG) workers and the company will be finalized today.

STL reported that certain Timorese are upset that the contracts of judges’ have not been renewed.

The paper reported that José Pedro Camões, a lawyer from East Timor Legal Aid Foundation said the outcome of the reconciliation meeting last Saturday in Atambua with former pro-Indonesia group was positive. He said that it is good to have legal authority involved in such meetings.

The paper quoted the director of Business Association (KMDCFT) Abel da Costa Freitas Ximenes as saying that there are signs of good business perspectives; however, East Timor needs to establish proper trading law

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