June 2002 

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East Timor celebrates.  
Members of Congress Oppose Bush Administration Moves to Increase Engagement with Indonesian Military

East Timor May 20 Independence Day resolution passed in Berkeley

U.S. House of Representatives Congratulates East Timor: Endorses Continued Restrictions on U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties, Expresses Concern about Lack of Justice; see also Senate resolution

IFET: Role of International Solidarity after Independence

Senators Write to Rumsfeld, Powell on U.S.-Indonesian Military Ties

U.S. Supporters of East Timor Celebrate Independence Nationwide: Watershed Victory Marked, Work Ahead Noted  
ETAN Congratulates the People of East Timor on Independence
ETAN: Backgrounder for East Timor's May 20 Independence Day, also in PDF
Clinton Heads to East Timor for Independence Day, ETAN Urges History Not Be Forgotten

Support ETAN: Message from Noam Chomksy

Early June

June 23 - 31
Letter From East Timor
East Timor's New Government Faces A Challenge From Rebels
UN issues new charges on East Timor war crimes
Hundreds of East Timorese refugees demand resumption of aid
UN Special Crimes Deputy Prosecutor admits trials flawed
UN refugee agency to return 16 children to East Timor
Indonesian Export to East Timor Increases
Indonesian authorities bust E. Timorese child refugee trafficking
Horta on Int'l Criminal Court

East Timor Press Review Friday 28 June 2002
East Timor Press Review Thursday 27 June 2002
East Timor Press Review Wednesday 26 June 2002
East Timor Press Review Tuesday 25 June 2002

Indonesian Ad-Hoc Court (June)  
East Timorese militia 
leader Eurico Guterres
Former East Timorese militia leader Eurico Guterres brushes his hair during the start of his trial in Jakarta, Indonesia, Thursday, June 27, 2002. AP Photo

Indonesian activists warn rights trial may ruin judiciary's image
Indonesian Timor Massacre Prosecutors 'Failing"
East Timor militia leader faces Indonesian court over abuses
'Soldiers joined in attacks on E. Timorese refugees'
Indon troops disguised as militiamen joined in E. Timor attack

HR Court Monitoring Coalition- ET Ad Hoc Trial Proceeding

Habibie to testify in rights trial
UN clipped out power in E. Timor- Witnesses
East Timorese 'feigned death to survive army-backed attack'
3 Indonesia Officials Go on Trial for Liquica Massacre

Indonesian Government Funded Militias In E. Timor- Witness

Witness implies foreign plot in E. Timor debacle
Pro-Jakarta militias in E. Timor often paid by state- district chief
Witnesses say Suai church attacked by armed militia
Witnesses Fail To Link Accused To Violence In E. Timor
Man cited in Timor church attack a soldier, district military chief says
AGO to hand over Guterres' dossier for E. Timor trial

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Women Worldwide Call For an International Tribunal For East Timor: Officials, Scholars And Activists Say Justice For Crimes Against Timorese Women Needed
ETAN: 10 Reasons Why Indonesian Courts Will Not Bring Justice to E Timor
ETAN: Justice for East Timor Will Not Come from Indonesian Indictments

Read updates at JSMP/IPJET website 
Inside Story- The Tarnished Brass of Timor
International Crisis Group: The Implications of the Timor Trials
Masters of Terror: The most complete set of profiles available so far of the key suspects in the 1999 destruction of East Timor

Whitlam seeks to set record straight on Timor
ET Prosecutors charge 2 Indon Officers, 14 Militiamen with War Crimes
Critique of ET's draft amnesty law
Critics on warpath against US military aid to Jakarta
Refugees add to West Timor's food problem
Refugee presidium established
Militia Leader Requests Camp In E. Timor For Followers
Indonesia Military Ties- The Denying of the Human Rights
Hopes dim for international tribunal in Thoenes case

Over 1,000 stranded E. Timor children reunited with families
Gov´t must tackle security problems, says defense for chief
Count U.S. out in East Timor peacekeeping
Dili still contesting sea treaty
First the Butchery, Then the Flowers

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 3, No. 4: May 2002, Special Independence Issue!

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now! RealAudio programs  http://www.democracynow.org/

Democracy Now! broadcast from East Timor's independence. Listen online or order the video.

June 16 - 22
UNHCR queries return of E. Timorese children
Sharma- UN not 'mean-spirited'
Key facts about Timor Sea gas developments
Gusmao critical of PM`s comments on compensation for Indonesians
19,000 Refugees Returned To E Timor From Jan-May- UN

Ruling party might rush urgent legislative action - PM Alkatiri
Portuguese ambassador inaugurates Bishop Belo's new residence
Gusmao against compensation to victims of violence
Radio program on Bishop Belo and Lusa
Aceh's GAM denies its members are in W Timor

Questions over investigation into Dutch journalist's death
CPJ: CPJ disturbed by announcement to abandon murder investigation
Tapol: Failure to prosecute killers of Dutch journalist a victory for impunity

New Web Links (open in new window)

BBC: Jose Ramos-Horta answers questions on line
ABC: East Timor - The Birth of a Nation (web site linked to documentaries: Rosa's Story and Lu Olo's Story)*
Children of the Crocodile Study Guide (PDF)
Bibliography of East Timor

Radio Australia: The Faith of East Timor
Radio Australia: Sport and Reconciliation

International Solidarity for East Timor: A Weapon More Powerful Than Guns (TAPOL)
ICG: Resuming U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties
Foreign Policy in Focus Special Report: U.S. Foreign Military Training: Global Reach, Global Power, and Oversight Issues

UNDP National Human Development Report: Ukan rasik a'an - East Timor - the way ahead
2002 Donors Meeting, Dili, East Timor includes link to National Development Plan

Kissinger Watch
Spring 2002 Estafeta online

Short memories of Indonesian military
Indonesia to remove 600 army personnel from Timor refugee camps

East Timor- Five altars find a new home
Australia preparing to lift import tariffs
Xanana- no reconciliation without justice
East Timor will demand all Sunrise- Alkatiri
E. Timor, Australia pledge continued friendship
E. Timor accedes to demands by former militia commander
Domestic concern over Timor Sea Agreement
Dili backs creation of international criminal court - Ramos Horta
Indonesia mulls removing remains of 3,000 "heroes'' from East Timor
Indonesian Delegation In E. Timor, Touches On Asset Issues
E. Timor police, officials allowed to study in Indonesia
Book Review- The Inside Story of East Timor's Fight for Freedom 

East Timor Press Review Friday 21 June 2002
East Timor Press Review Thursday 20 June 2002
East Timor Press Review Wednesday 19 June 2002
East Timor Press Review Tuesday 18 June 2002
East Timor Press Review Monday 17 June 2002

Early June
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