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Subject: Nov 12 call for an international tribunal, from East Timor


When considering the legal responsibility throughout the world in regards to perpetrators of the crimes against humanity, a joint commitment between the international community, especially the UN, is needed in protecting human rights.

In light of this and the violation of human rights in East Timor from 1975 until 1999, the East Timorese community for an international tribunal must include a joint commitment with the international community.

Raising awareness of a peaceful future for the country of East Timor is dependent on a fair settlement in regards to the events and conflicts of previous times. Therefore with this declaration the East Timorese community for an international tribunal demands that:

1. The United Nations (UN), mainly the UN Security Council, form an international tribunal because the [Indonesian] ad­hoc human rights tribunal has not met international standards in undertaking fair, transparent and free justice, and has proven that it will not provide justice for the East Timorese community.

2. The state of Timor form a special research team to undertake steps in coordination with the Indonesian government to express facts and the total number of victims (both that are still living, and who have passed away), the victims¹ graves, the perpetrators and the main perpetrators of the violations of human rights of the events of the 12th November [Santa Cruz Massacre, 1991] and in the struggle for human rights for the citizens of East Timor.

3. A re-enactment or indication of places where victims of the 12th November are buried.

4. East Timor to take real action for justice in response to the demands of the victims and their families of the 12th November events, in order for the tragedy not to repeat itself in the future.

Demands for an international tribunal inform the responsibility of the international community, in particular the UN, as the chain of crimes that occurred in East Timor form crimes that threaten human dignity and values throughout the world.

The East Timorese community believes that the people have their own mouth, hands and eyes to express the suffering and unjust experiences. The community also believes that those that have already passed away have started to pave the road for a peaceful future for East Timor.

Thus the East Timorese community continues to fight for justice and free the community from repression, to calm the community, not as bones that have been scattered, but as souls, spirits and a model for the East Timorese community. It is hoped that our brothers and sisters that have been killed in the struggle for East Timor¹s independence and the protection of human rights may rest in peace.

Dili, 12th November 2002 East Timorese community for an International Tribunal

1. Greogorio Saldanha OJETIL President 
2. Filomena Reis Forum NGO 
3. Belchior Alves Fitum 
4. Furama HAOK 
5. R. Amado Hei Y. HAK 
6. Mario da Silva Family Victims 
7. Filomeno S F 28 Novembro 
8. Helder Oliveira Fundacao Cultura LE-ZIAVAL 
9. Vasco da Gama FORTEDAMOR 
10. Eugenio F. Lemos Victims 
11. Tiago Amaral JSMP 
12. Cecilio C. Freitas Forum NGO 
13. Rosa de Sousa Fokupers 
14. Adriano Soriano Family Victims 
15. Inacia das Flores Faria Vivtim 
16. Filomeno da Silva Ferreira Family Victim 
17. Delly Cabral La¹o Hamutuk 
18. Carmen Sahe In stitute for Liberation 
19. Durvalina Victim 
20. Fernanda M. Victim 
21. Jesuino R.M Carvalho Family Victim 
22. Nug Karjasungkana Fortilos 
23. Joaquim Ribeiro Radio Comunidade 
24. Tome Xavier Jeronimo Saksi sejarah 
25. Mateus Gonsalves Sahe Institute for Liberation 
26. Aniceto Guro B. Neves Aliansi Nasional u/Tribunal International 
27. Jose Luis de Oliveira Y.HAK 
28. Julio Martins Salvacao Clinica 
29. Justino da Silva NDF (New Day Foundation) 
30. Ato da Costa RENETIL

see also Human Rights & Justice page

Diane Farsetta, national field organizer East Timor Action Network: 10 Years for Self-Determination & Justice ETAN field office Social Justice Center office 608-663-5431 1202 Williamson St cell 608-347-4598 Madison, WI 53703 home 608-255-4598 fax 608-227-0141

Check out these internet sites! the East Timor Action Network/US Madison, WI - East Timor projects Madison's Social Justice Center

"We know what is like to live under a regime that systematically tortures, rapes and murders. Even now, Indonesia is not prosecuting the high-ranking officers and political officials who planned and directed crimes against humanity committed in East Timor... An international tribunal on East Timor will ensure the prosecution of top Indonesian military and government officials." -- Aderito de Jesus Soares, lawyer, founder of the East Timor Jurists Association, and member of the first East Timorese Legislative Assembly

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