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February 2003 

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Dili demonstrates against war in Iraq.   

December 2002

Early February

February 23 - 28

Serious Crimes
Indicts Senior Officials

ETAN: UN Must Back Prosecution of Indonesian Officers; International Action Needed After Indonesia Snubs Extradition of Suspects to East Timor
SCU: Info Release on Crimes Against Humanity Charges
SCU: 3 New indictments filed at Dili Court
Serious Crimes Unit Update 21 February 2003

E.Timor File More Human Rights Charges Over '99 Atrocities
E. Timor denies indicting RI generals
Dili worried indictments damaging key relations with Jakarta
Wiranto defiant as ET presses charges
No more safe haven for Wiranto
Indonesian politicians react to UN move to indict senior military
Indonesia Ex-Military Chief Denies E Timor Abuse Charges
UN Indictments Of Ex-Officials
UN indicts General Wiranto for crimes against humanity
HRW: Indonesia Should Hand Over the "East Timor 8"

Do they still call East Timor home?
Timor resents Australian oil tactics
Indonesia and East Timor U.S. Appropriations Bill Language
Government reshuffle ready, says PM Alkatiri
Drought hampers recovery effort
Australia grants $8 million to East Timor

Leaders to meet Monday on inquiries into December riots
TNI promises tighter border security after militia attack
Monday road ambush near Dili claims second victim
Hundreds of UN troops deployed after E. Timor attack

Defense force chief concerned at lack of quarters, equipment
There Is Not Enough Money To Develop The FDTL
Interview - General Taur Matan Ruak
Australia's E. Timor peacekeeping efforts in the spotlight
Border zone ... angry East Timorese confront a UN representative

Australia Army chief clears militia of killings
UN police Chief Defies Local Anger

Xanana discusses Timor's security problems
Refugees 'forced to become guerillas'
Timor's incursion crisis plea
More Australian soldiers not needed- Gusmao
Border Raiders
Unleash diggers on militia- E Timor
Indonesian army link to Timor incursions
Militia (Timor Post editorial)
Insecurity creating rift between Dili leadership, UN mission
Captured ex-militia says seven armed groups infiltrated in Dec.

Taur: Victims are not Protected*
JSMP concerned about illegal detentions in East Timor

UN haste puts East Timor at risk 
War for Peace? It Worked in My Country

Dili joins Non-aligned Movement, Gusmao thanks Jakarta for support
Australia's Santos Hoping For Ratification Of Timor Sea Treaty
Alkatiri blames 'militias' for deadly road ambushes
Timor Leste at NAM
Rich countries urged to do more to help poor nations - JRH
Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring 27 Feb 03

Indonesian Ad-Hoc Court (February)
Kopassus Colonel Yayat Sudrajat  

Indonesian special forces Colonel Yayat Sudrajat, former chief of the Tribuana task forces in East Timor, attends his trial in a Jakarta courtroom. He was cleared on December 30, 2002. REUTERS/Tiyo Gunawan


US Warns Jakarta on Human Rights [Interview w Amb. Boyce]
Indonesian officer says he tried to prevent East Timor massacres
Noted Indonesian religious leaders call for cessation of Timor trials
E. Timor independence option was 'premature decision'- Ali Alatas

Wiranto Testifies Over Timor Atrocities
Rights groups to ask for UN intervention in E. Timor trial

10 years' jail sought for former Timor commander
Wiranto no show as witness
Indonesia human rights tribunal fails to uphold justice
Crowd blamed for church attack
E. Timor clergyman says soldiers among 1999 church attackers
Ex-Dili Police Chief Gets 3 Years Jail for Timor Violence

A law unto themselves
'TNI not responsible for abuses'
Crimes in East Timor unpunished

Justice Falters in Indonesia
Sentenced over Timor atrocity, ex-militia chief wants reconciliation
Int'l pressure on E. Timor trial badly needed
Indonesia court acquits military officer on Timor rights charges

ETAN: Timor Commemorates Invasion Anniversary as Indonesian Court Acquits Officials 
ETAN: Indonesian Verdicts Cannot Deliver Justice for East Timor
ET National Alliance for Int'l Tribunal: Indonesian Ad Hoc Human Rights Court Proven Not Able To Fulfill International Demands

see January updates, December , November

February 16 - 27
Strong Brew [coffee]
East Timor claiming island in West Timor
Australia SAS Charged for Kicking Corpse in E. Timor

A hint of progress on Timor Sea Treaty
Govt accused of holding E Timor to ransom over gas

Timor Membership in NAM Recommended
Timor-Leste Facing Regional Dilemma
Ramos Horta asks UN officers to collaborate with riot inquiry

Australia's Catholic Bishops appeal for Timor refugees
Bend the rules for a good cause (editorial)
Torture jail now a peace centre

New Web Links (open in new window)

Wonder Eyes Photos by East Timorese Children

NZ Office of the Prime Minister National East Timor Homecoming Parade
NZ Greens salute East Timor mission
NZ Progressive Coalition Party Congratulations Timor returnees

NDI: Government Within Reach - A report on the views of East Timorese on local government
English Tetum Portuguese Indonesian (PDF files)

The Cailaco case. Serious Crimes Unit indictment in English, Portuguese and Indonesian
indictment in English, Portuguese and Indonesian
COHRE: ET wins Housing Rights Award
Statement of Senator Patrick Leahy On Restoring International Military Education And Training Assistance To The Indonesian Military

HRW World Report 2003: East Timor; Indonesia
news/WORTHY: How the Australian media cover humanitarian, aid and development issues (pages 146-159 cover East Timor, the period examined is September 1999 and November 1999 to April 2000) Large PDF file
WSWS: Australia bullies East Timor over oil and gas

LH, et al: Report from one-day seminar on East Timor Joining the International Financial Institutions (PDF)
La'o Hamutuk
: December 2002 : Australian Aid, Timor Sea Chronology

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Timor-Leste website
(new official website)
Official Gazette of Government of East Timor

Kissinger Watch
Spring 2002 Estafeta online

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now! RealAudio programs
Democracy Now! broadcast from East Timor's independence. Listen online or order the video.

February 10 - 15
Health care, education out of reach for East Timorese, says activist
ET activist calls for int'l tribunal

East Timorese torture victims share their pain 
Public Hearing on Political Imprisonment 
E Timor supplies trapped on dock ? The Australian 
Australia-Indonesia- Neighbours, but never the best of friends 

Some Hope for Timor Asylum Seekers in Australia 
Refugees seek to remain in Australia
Turmoil over citizenship among Melbourne's Timorese

ET PM questions Canberra's veracity in oil talks
NT offers to help save E Timor gas deal

U.N. Peacekeepers to Stay in E. Timor - Australia
Howard discusses East Timor with Kofi Annan
Australia says high risk of terrorist attacks in East Timor
U.S. envoy pledges to discuss lifting security alert in Eastern Indonesia

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring, 13 February 2003
Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring,12 February 2003
Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring,10 February 2003

February 4 - 9
Yogyakarta-educated priest becomes Timor's first ambassador to RI
Indonesian govt. seeks ambassador candidates for East Timor
ET To Become Full Member Of Non-Aligned Movement
East Timor- Portugal Telecom rushing to meet March 1 launch deadline

Timor Sea Treaty could be delayed
Militia leader among those charged by Serious Crimes Unit  over 1999 atrocities
UN Indicts 15 Indonesia Soldiers For E Timor War Crimes
Major Indictment charges 4 TNI Officers and Tavares

Former ET Refugees to Rehab Forests
Australia wants Sunrise IUA before ratifying Timor Sea Treaty
Timor oil hearing ruled out by court

Dancing with the Devil- A Personal Account of Policing ET's Vote
Latest arrest no surprise, says father of murdered soldier
The Riot of 4 December 2002- Who Is To Blame?

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 07 February 2003
Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 06 February 2003
Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 05 February 2003
Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 04 February 2003
Timor-Lester Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 03 February 2003

February 1 - 3
Pair held after parading Jesus and Mary
Indonesia Ex-Militiaman Arrested In Death Of E. Timor NZ Peacekeeper
Ireland's Diplomatic Ties w/ ET
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Early February
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