January 2003 

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East Timor kids. Photo by Amy Goodman.  

Support ETAN: Message from Howard Zinn

U.S. Rights Group Demands that Australian Government Stop Bullying East Timor 

Senate Votes Down Restrictions on Military Training for Indonesia

ETAN's Winter-Spring 2003 Speaking Tour: Economic Justice & Human Rights For East Timor - The Debt that Must Be Paid

ETAN: Winter 2002-2003 Estafeta

LH, et al: Report from one-day seminar on East Timor Joining the International Financial Institutions (PDF)

ETAN: East Timorese in Indonesia to Lose Refugee Status at New Year, International Community Must Continue Efforts on Behalf of Vulnerable Children & Adults 

December 2002

February 1 - 3
Pair held after parading Jesus and Mary
Indonesia Ex-Militiaman Arrested In Death Of E. Timor NZ Peacekeeper
Ireland's Diplomatic Ties w/ ET
Border zone ... angry East Timorese confront a UN representative

January 12 - 31

Kiki on lesson from ET for Aceh
Cargo plane crashes near Baucau, killing all six Russian crewmen
East Timor recruits crocs
Timorese asylum seeker calls for Australian solidarity
PKF troops arrest 13 in East Timor
Bishop of Dili calls for independent control of Timor Sea oil
Attorney General Interview on the Incidents of 4 December

Security Concerns

Border zone ... angry East Timorese confront a UN representative

UN police Chief Defies Local Anger
Xanana discusses Timor's security problems
Refugees 'forced to become guerillas'
Timor's incursion crisis plea
More Australian soldiers not needed- Gusmao
Border Raiders
Unleash diggers on militia- E Timor
Indonesian army link to Timor incursions
Militia (Timor Post editorial)
Insecurity creating rift between Dili leadership, UN mission
Captured ex-militia says seven armed groups infiltrated in Dec.

Taur: Victims are not Protected*
JSMP concerned about illegal detentions in East Timor

U.S. paves way for new Indonesia military ties
Indon activists caution U.S. over military training
U.S. Senate IMET amendment debate

RI to assess Arafura, Timor seas
It's difficult to eradicate fuel smuggling to E. Timor by sea- Police

Horta invites Timor tourists for a cuppa
Fire destroyed most Becora prison records
Ex-Bishop of Dili invited to serve on Council of State
Fire destroys Dili prison administration, blaze appears accidental

Indonesian Ad-Hoc Court (January)
Kopassus Colonel Yayat Sudrajat  

Indonesian special forces Colonel Yayat Sudrajat, former chief of the Tribuana task forces in East Timor, attends his trial in a Jakarta courtroom. He was cleared on December 30, 2002. REUTERS/Tiyo Gunawan


Indonesian human rights tribunal fails to uphold justice
Crowd blamed for church attack
E. Timor clergyman says soldiers among 1999 church attackers
Ex-Dili Police Chief Gets 3 Years Jail for Timor Violence

A law unto themselves
'TNI not responsible for abuses'
Crimes in East Timor unpunished

Justice Falters in Indonesia
Sentenced over Timor atrocity, ex-militia chief wants reconciliation
Int'l pressure on E. Timor trial badly needed
Indonesia court acquits military officer on Timor rights charges

Indonesian Army Officer Faces 10 Yr Jail For Timor Crimes
International scrutiny looms over rights trial
Former police chief of Dili sentencing delayed

ETAN: Timor Commemorates Invasion Anniversary as Indonesian Court Acquits Officials 
ETAN: Indonesian Verdicts Cannot Deliver Justice for East Timor
ET National Alliance for Int'l Tribunal: Indonesian Ad Hoc Human Rights Court Proven Not Able To Fulfill International Demands

see December updates, November updates, October updates

PM Alkatiri mulls revamped executive - gov't sources
East Timorese refugees find a home on another island
Pilot resettlement project for East Timorese
Indonesia, E Timor Cooperate in the Field of Health

Local Media Monitoring Update 31 January 2003
Local Media Monitoring Update 29 Jan 03
Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Update 27 Jan 03

Local Media Monitoring Update, 24 January 2002
Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Update, 23 January 03
Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring 22 January


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LH, et al: Report from one-day seminar on East Timor Joining the International Financial Institutions (PDF)
La'o Hamutuk
: December 2002 : Australian Aid, Timor Sea Chronology
Aussie Boats for East Timor
Friends of Baucau, a joint initiative of the Cities of Darebin and Yarra, in Melbourne, Australia, their communities and the District Administration of Baucau

UN: Press Conference by Representative of Timor-Leste
UNICEF: State of the World's Children 2003 (tables include statistics from E Timor)

ABC: EAST TIMOR: UN to improve police training in non-lethal combat
IFRC: East Timor Appeal No. 01.60/2003

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Timor-Leste website (new official website)
Official Gazette of Government of East Timor

Kissinger Watch
Spring 2002 Estafeta online

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now! RealAudio programs  http://www.democracynow.org/

Democracy Now! broadcast from East Timor's independence. Listen online or order the video.

January 5 - 16
FEER- Let the Oil Flow
East Timor to open embassy, consulate in Australia
Defense forces hunt down militiamen after weekend attack
U.S. in the dock over international justice

Troubled Timor villages to get troops' protection
Leaders to meet after likely militia raid
Jakarta warns East Timor against accusing militiamen
Gang attacks two East Timor villages, kills four during overnight fighting

UCAN- Church & gov't leaders remind journalists
2 Alleged Pro-Jakarta Ex-Militiamen Arrested
SMH Editorial- A new year in East Timor
Ashmore Reef Belongs to Indonesia- Timor Gap Teamwork Chairman
Solution of RI-Timor's Tactical Boundary Helps TNI and UNPKF

Late December 2002, January 1 - 4
Sunrise Gas Project in Timor Sea May Be Delayed, Review Says 
No more assistance for East Timorese 'refugees'- Indon govt
JRS West Timor update
UNHCR-East Timorese refugee saga comes to an end
Govt provides housing for East Timor refugees
Inclusion of Australia in Timor Gap talks significant- NGO

Interview with Bishop Nascimento

December 2002
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