Late July 2003 

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Early July 

July 27 - August 2
Pledging continued aid, UN leader hails Dili's achievements
East Timor Heading in Right Direction- UN President
Victims of recent flooding get food aid
Asset Registration for Refugees Up to March 2004

District people asked to help shed light on Timorese villagers' future
Magsaysay Awardee Wants To Give Prize To East Timor People
Impunity in Indonesia (Sen. Feingold)`````````````````````
Help's brewing in fund-raiser for East Timor
125-man mission for Timor Leste

Australia to resume joint military exercises with Kopassus
Battalion 744 to Replace Indon Troops on ET Border
Natural gas plant threatens Australian sea cows

Which Law Applies - Portuguese or Indonesian
ABC: Legal System Faces Chaos
TL Parliament: Proposed Law on Applicable Law in East Timor (PDF)
JSMP: Special Panel Delivers its own Decision on the Applicable Law
JSMP: East Timor's Court of Appeal Renders Three Further Decisions Applying Portuguese Law

Prosecutor General files request with Supreme Court for declaration on which law applies
Old European tongue brings chaos to E. Timor

Appeals Court Decisions (english translations)

"Victims 1975-1999 ask the Government of America to support the creation of an international tribunal.  Congratulations 227 (years since 4 July 1776)." Demonstration. Dili, East Timor. Photo by Charles Scheiner. 

ETAN/IHRN: U.S. House of Representatives Reiterates "No IMET for Indonesia"

LH: Letter to UN on UNMISET's present and the UN's future in E Timor

ETAN/IHRN: Bush Administration Plans to Resume Training Indonesian Military

IHRN/ETAN Condemn Bush Administration Move to Restore Military Training for Indonesia, Urge Congress to Strongly Protest

U.S. Congress Demonstrates Strong Support for Justice for East Timor

ET National Alliance for an International Tribunal: Happy Independence Day to the People and Government of the United States of America on July 4, 2003

IHRN/ETAN: Congress Expresses Deep Concern about Military Offensive and Human Rights Violations in Aceh Representatives Criticize Indonesia’s Use of U.S. Military Equipment

Ninety Rights Groups Call for Military Embargo Against Indonesia

LH Bulletin: UN Missions and Security (Vol. 4, No. 2)

Democracy Now! broadcast from East Timor's independence. Listen online or order the video

Support ETAN: Message from Howard Zinn

Local Media Monitoring - August 1, 2003
Daily Media Review 1 August 2003
Local Media Monitoring - July 31, 2003
Daily Media Review 31 July 2003
Daily Media Review 30 July 2003
Serious Crimes Unit and other Justice  Updates (July)
Major General Adam Damiri
General Damiri in court.

JSMP/Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law: Symposium On Justice For International Crimes Committed in The Territory of East Timor (English --Portuguese)*

Amnesty says weak justice system in East Timor undermined rights
IFET: Urges UN Security Council to Create International Tribunal for East Timor

Two Indictments issued charging crimes in Alieu and Oecussi

E. Timor Court Jails Two Ex-Militia Leaders Over Murders

Two Militia Commanders Convicted

E Timor indicts more Indonesian military officers
SCU:Maliana Indictment Issued Charging 57

SCU: 3 Prosecutors Sworn-in To Appear At The Special Panels
E. Timor appoints more prosecutors to seek justice for 1999 crimes
Interpol joins hunt for killers

JSMP: Court of Appeal Recommences in East Timor*
SCU Update VI-03 25 June 2003

E Timor Sentences Militia Leader To 7 Yrs Jail For Murder
Charges laid over East Timor militia murder
Retrials may be needed in East Timor

JSMP: BMP Militia Member Released From Pre-Trial Detention*
JSMP: Sakunar Militia Leader in East Timor Sentenced for Crimes Against Humanity

Militias may escape justice over 1999 atrocities
Concern over future of Serious Crimes Unit

ABC: East Timor's Struggling Legal System*
AI: International responsibility for justice
JSMP: Ablai Militia member conditionally released*
JSMP: Departure of international judge means Special Panels for Serious Crimes in East Timor unable to function*

see June, May, April Serious Crimes Updates

Indonesian Ad-Hoc Court (July)

Tapol: Where is the Justice?

Economist: Indonesia's army chiefs are still untouchable

Indonesia's Untouchable Army Chiefs Getting Away With Murder
Jakarta Observed- Double standards mar Indonesian justice
Indon military officer denounces int'l community over rights trial
Claims that army fueled E.Timor atrocities are "fantasy"- General

U.S. questions RI's will to prosecute rights cases
Timor trials debacle raises fear of increased military oppression in West Papua

Indonesia Wants to Acquit General in Human Rights Case
Prosecutors Call For Indonesian Acquittal In E Timor Case
Adam Damiri- A soldier's record
East Timor Cases Will Always Haunt RI- Activist

Indonesia Court Acquits Timor Ex-Army Chief

Gen. Suratman Acquitted of Abuses; Damiri Again Skips His Trial

Indon army major general skips two rights court hearings
Damiri case postponed again
Amnesty slams Indonesia's "dishonest" Timor rights trials

see June, May, April, March, February updates on Indonesia Ad Hoc Court

July 17 - 26

Australian firm appeals against compensation order
Helping E Timor heal scars of war
East Timor, You're Standing In It
Lisbon finances work training and poverty combat programs
EU pledges continuing aid, despite two-thirds cutback in 2004
Portuguese Speaking Cities Organisation to Meet in October

Timor wrong to assume refugees a threat
CAVR: Public Hearing on Famine and Forced Displacement
Labour Unions, Worker's Rights and Wages in E. Timor
Lisbon finances work training and poverty combat programs
Refugees want to meet President

IMET and Indonesia
U.S. Rewards Indonesian Military as Probe Continues
Papua Ambush Threatens US-Indonesia Ties- Minister [2 reports]
US-Jakarta ties hit rocky patch
Indonesian Military Can Do Without US Aid -Military Chief
Rep. Hefley on banning IMET

U.S. House: Foreign Ops. Bill and Report Language on E Timor and Indonesia
U.S. Senate: Indonesia and East Timor provisions in the Foreign Operations Appropriations bill passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee

Local Media Monitoring - July 25
Local Media Monitoring - July 24
Local Media Monitoring - July 23
Daily Media Review 23 July
Local Media Monitoring - July 22
Daily Media Review 22 July
Daily Media Review 21 July
Daily Media Review 18 July

Other Links (open in new window)

ADB: Sixth Progress Report on East Timor
JSMP: Report on the Immigration and Asylum Law

Grameen Foundation USA: Mariana Paves a New Path

CDC Emerging Infectious Diseases: Probable Dengue Virus Infection Among Italian Troops, East Timor, 1999­2000

East Timor and Portugal: Present Challenges, Reciprocal Visions

USGOV: International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP)
AI: Timor Leste Briefing to Security Council Members on Policing and Security in Timor-Leste
Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor (CAVR): April-May 2003 Update

TLGOV: Report on the situation in Suai and Manufahi
TLGOV: Appeal for assistance in the flood affected areas of Timor-Leste
OCHATimor-Leste: Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 3, 2, 1

2004 United States-East Timor Scholarship Program Competition

ADB: Annual Report 2002 - Timor-Leste chapter

Xanana: On the occasion of the International Conference on Traditional Conflict Resolution & Traditional Justice in Timor-Leste
The Hard and Bitter Truth of 4 December 2002
East Timor recipes (in Portuguese)
24 Reports from East Timor (and Indonesia) Curt Gabrielson spent two years in East Timor working on science education, as well as observing various aspects of East Timor's reconstruction. Here are links to each of his 24 monthly newsletters.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Timor-Leste website (new official website)
Official Gazette of Government of East Timor

Kissinger Watch

July 13 -19
Indonesian army donates Rp 1.5b for ex-East Timorese soldiers
Soldiers' rapes cannot be forgotten
E. Timor Govt Needs More Trained Personnel
Bishop Belo undergoes surgery

Woodside backs $1b pipeline
Ramos-Horta Pours Oil On Troubled Treaty Waters
Santos says companies should share infrastructure in Timor Sea

Press communique - Council of Ministers
Pursuit Of Nobel Cause
E. Timor refugees to be reregistered
Who wants to be next president, Golkar asks

Daily Media Review 17 July 2003
Local Media Monitoring - July 16, 2003
Local Media Monitoring - July 15, 2003
Daily Media Review 15 July 2003
Local Media Monitoring - July 14, 2003

Early July
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