June 2004 


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Exception to the Rulers by Amy Goodman   

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House Subcommittee Continues Ban on Military Assistance for Indonesia; Calls for IMET, Military Sales to Remain Restricted

Rights Groups Urge Secretary-General to Appoint Commission on Justice for East Timor

RFK Memorial Center for Human Rights Questions Dept. of Justice Announcement on West Papua Ambush

Take Action for Justice & Peace for East Timor & Indonesia: Two House Letters – on Justice for East Timor and on US Assistance to Indonesian Military; One Senate Letter – on a UN Special Representative to Indonesia

ETAN Urges Visiting Australian Prime Minister to Follow Rule of Law in Talks with East Timor

Rights Group Calls on East Timor Leadership to Respect Judicial Independence; Demands UN and U.S. Create International Tribunal to Try Wiranto and Others

ETAN Urges International Support for Justice and Control of Resources on Newest Nation’s Birthday

Australia Fails Fairness Test for East Timor; Complex Trade Agreement with U.S. Undermines Australia's Claim on Timor Boundary Talks

TAKE ACTION: Call Your Senators Today to Sign Aceh/Papua Letter to UN

Take Action
Tell Australia to Stop Stealing East Timor's Resources and East Timor's Future!
ETAN: Question the Candidates: Election 2004 & East Timor and Indonesia

Spring 2004 Estafeta

LH Bulletin: March 2004: Bulletin Vol 5, No. 2: East Timor Government's Budget Deficit

Support ETAN! An Appeal from Noam Chomsky

June 19 - 26
East Timor threatens Australian man with deportation
U.S. Congress Increases Aid to Timor-Leste
Foreign-bound mail grinds to a halt in East Timor
Freeport Killings Arrest Denounced By Rights Groups [+RI-US Military Ties]

Susilo Warns Of Violence [+Transcript; 'Wiranto Can Protect Us'] 
Indonesia Supreme Court probes 3 judges in refugee aid corruption

Police detain 26 after deadly clashes among martial arts gangs
East Timor, Indonesia to sign border agreement
Mozambique Pledges Cooperation With East Timor

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring 
June 25, 2004
June 24, 2004

Timor Sea


ETAN demonstrate at Australian Embassy in Washington, June 7, 2004. Photo by Fidelis Magalhaes.
For East Timor, Energy Riches Lie Just Out of Reach
Alexander Downer- Australia's Sovereign Rights
E Timor urged to reconsider Timor Sea tax regime
SEAAOC 2004 Keynote address: Dr Mari Alkatiri
World Bank Wants Speedy Timor Sea Resolution

East Timor Seeks "Creative" Deal On Timor Gas
NT urges more generous offer over gas field royalties
East Timor PM challenged answer bribe charges in US court
Rights group (ETAN) denounces Australia over Timor oil

INTERVIEW- Labor Vows Calmer Waters in Timor Sea Talks
Gov't readying oil, natural resources legislative package
E Timor open to compromise in oil row

E Timor Foreign Minister attacks Australia's oil fields policy
Australia casts a shadow over East Timor's future
East Timor Oil Claim Could Hit US$6 Billion

June 13 - 21
Four killed in East Timor gang fight
Journalist claims E Timor 'conspiring against him'
Xanana arrives in Mozambique
President Gusmão heading to Mozambique for visit
Xanana: Trend of World Peace Movements - the Timor-Leste Experience
Tempo Interview-Gusmao: "It's Easy to Shout 'Arrest Wiranto!"
Wiranto says sorry for first time over Timor Leste violence
The truth of the matter

Australia's resumed ties with Kopassus closer

Trapped by Fear- E. Timor's Forgotten Refugees
Belu residents told to use local markets, with or without East Timorese traders
E. Timorese Refugees Seal Off S. Sulawesi High Court

Darwin City council to set up library in East Timor
Increase in Oil Prices May Prompt Smuggling
Rights Abuse Allegations a Ploy to Discredit Presidential Bid

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring June 15, 2004
Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring June 11-14, 2004

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Look After My Generation by Jimmy Compos from Koneksi - Connections" photo exhibition.

UN: General Assembly adopts $2.8 billion for 2004 - 2005 peacekeeping

CIIR: East Timor: foreign minister speaks of hopes for the future

U.S. State Department: 2004 Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000: Trafficking in Persons Report, Timor chapter

MFAC: Timor-Leste participate the Senior Officials' Meeting on people smuggling, trafficking in persons and related transnational crime
MFAC: H.E. President Gusmao to visit Korea and Mozambique
MFAC: The Technical Sub-Committee meeting between TL-RI on border demarcation and regulations
MFAC: Dili establishes friendship city relationship with the capital of Australia-Canberra

Timor-Leste Sun Newspaper

Radio National's Background Briefing: "Intelligence Wars" - East Timor and the Jakarta Lobby

East Timor: Betrayal and Resurrection - A Story of Self-Determination and Justice. A Film by Ted Folke
UN: Pacific Islands Endorse Mechanisms to Focus on Regional Human Rights Issues
Expert to help WHO in Dili, East Timor with tropical diseases

JSMP: Justice System in East Timor: Strategic Options to Complement National Development Plans

Nick Fingers - Tetum Songs

APCET 5 Conference Statement
APCET 5 Resolution on the UN Tribunal

Amnesty Int'l: Annual Report 2004 on East Timor; Indonesia
USGOV: Supporting Human Rights and Democracy: The U.S. Record 2003-2004 (Indonesia)

Kirsty Sword Gusmao on UN SC Resolution 1325 on women and peace

JAPGOV: Partial transfer of materials and equipment
UN: Budget committee considers financing of peacekeeping operations in Haiti, Timor-Leste

June 5-13
East Timorese say Reagan responsible for Indonesian massacres

Ex-Militia Chief Run Out of Town Again
Special privileges for E Timor violence prisoners
Kopassus chief in clear over E Timor

Tempo: Xanana and Wiranto meet reaped condemnations in Timor Leste
Ex-Jakarta FM says Indonesia vote will not impair Dili, Lisbon ties

FM pledges Dili will have balanced budget by 2007
On departure, Portuguese peacekeepers donate euros 16 Mn equipment
Dili seeks 'big presence' of Lusophone nations - Ramos Horta
Bishop Belo to work as missionary in Mozambique

Timor-Leste Monitoring
June 10, 2004
June 8, 2004 
June 7, 2004 


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June 1 - 4

FM pledges Dili will have balanced budget by 2007
Ex-Jakarta FM says Indonesia vote will not impair Dili, Lisbon ties

Brazilian soldiers head for East Timor to join UN peace mission
Dili seeks 'big presence' of Lusophone nations - Ramos Horta

Portuguese-speaking countries agree to cooperate against terrorism

E. Timor attorney general denies Wiranto probe closed
Australia's Aid to Timor to be maintained
West Timor update May 2004
Mystery donor secures immediate future of Balibo House

Timor-Leste Media Monitoring June 4, 2004 
June 3, 2004
June 2, 2004
June 1, 2004
May 31, 2004

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