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The FRETILIN Parliamentary Caucus, conscious of its responsibility before the country and the people, expresses its utmost rejection and repudiation on the bad faith, which drove the petroleum companies Petrotimor and Oceanic Explorations, to accuse her members of corruption to secure Conoco Phillips Petroleum in the investment at Timor Sea.

The FRETILIN Parliamentary Caucus preemptively denies having received any offer of bribery from Conoco Phillips or from anyone else and considers this incredible act an authentic blasphemy against a people, which is one of the poorest in the world, of which its Deputies are its representatives.

The FRETILIN Parliamentary Caucus believes that this act comes at a difficult and important iniciation for the reconstruction of the Nation, and considers this act malicious, because it comes intentionally to disrupt the process of reconstruction and development of the Nation.

The FRETILIN Parliamentary Caucus wishes to make public that its actions are based on the principle that defends a public administration that is professional and at the same time combats corruption.

The FRETILIN Parliamentary Caucus expresses its solidarity for the Prime Minister Dr. Marí Alkatiri and all those touched by this alleged bribery accusations.

The FRETILIN Parliamentary Caucus declares that it does not, in any manner or form a defendant, in this alleged accusation, but is making every effort to seek competent legal advice to defend the Prime Minister’s personal integrity and the integrity of the Nation, against these defamatory insinuations.

Dili, 9 March 2004

Francisco Miranda Branco FRETILIN Parliamentary Caucus

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