Subject: IHT Letter: Accounting in East Timor

Iran's nuclear move, Accounting in East Timor, 'Progress' in Iraq


Accounting in East Timor

Adérito de Jesus Soares ("Listen to the voices of East Timor's victims," Views, Aug. 10) is correct that justice requires that there be an international tribunal for the war crimes perpetrated by the Indonesian military and its militias in East Timor. The process should cover not only 1999 when a small percentage of the atrocities took place, but rather the entire period of Indonesian terror in East Timor. Indonesia's military is responsible for the deaths of many tens of thousands of people and massive destruction, beginning with its illegal invasion in 1975.

The United States and Britain supported Indonesia's crimes, providing much economic and military aid and diplomatic support over the almost 24-year occupation. It is thus not surprising that there has not been any accountability for East Timor's suffering through the United Nations. It also explains why the government of tiny, impoverished East Timor feels compelled to play down justice and emphasize an empty reconciliation.

Joseph Nevins, Poughkeepsie, New York  

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