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Daily Media Review

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Daily Media Review

Saturday and Monday, 6-8 August 2005

Victims and Militia Demand Justice but Not Commission of Truth and Friendship

Diario do Tempo and STL quote convicted militia member Marcelino Soares (“Besih Merah Putih”) currently serving a 15 year sentence and Liquica church attack victim Jóse Nunez as arguing that an international tribunal would provide justice for the victims of 1999 violence by prosecuting actors behind the violence rather than only the perpetrators.

Marcelino Soares is quoted as saying that the main actors behind the 1999 human rights violations such as Eurico Guterres, Joăo Tavares and Abilio Jóse Ozorio Soares would not be brought to justice by the CTF. He also made an appeal to the UN to provide real justice rather than just arresting ordinary militia members like himself and those others convicted and currently serving prison sentences. He added that there should be reconciliation but that justice should also be delivered.

Nunez lamented that as one of the victims of the Liquica church attack, he disagrees with the establishment of the CTF due to the lack of consultation by the government and due for the potential for the CTF to only deny the existence of justice for him and the other victims of the Liquica church attack.

STL also reports that the Timor-Leste National Alliance for International Tribunal has released a statement rejecting the statement of Foreign Minister, Jóse Ramos Horta which claimed that the people of Timor-Leste do not support the establishment of an international tribunal. The Alliance statement dismissed the statement made by Minister Horta as not based on the actual reality and against the Constitution. The statement concludes “We hereby demand that the leaders of Timor-Leste go back to the basic value of justice. Do not forget that it is due to the people of TIMor-Leste who fought against unjust world “realpolitik” that we now have our sovereign and independent state.” (DT, STL)

Rui Menezes’ Claims of PM Alkatiri’s Interference

Member of the National Parliament Rui Menezes reportedly said that PM Mari Alkatiri would use the opportunity of the last “Open Governance” meetings in Dili from 8-13 August to gain support for the Fretilin political party for the forthcoming village “suco” elections. HE also reportedly urged the people of Timor-Leste not to have confidence/trust PM Alkatiri anymore because sometimes ago it was PM Alkatiri and the Minister of Finance who made it public that their would not no more “Open Governance”. In two separate articles in STL and TP Rui Menezes made another two comments he complexities regarding of , Rui Menezes said that instead of considering the opposition parties as (development) partner for the sake of the population through good governance, the current governing body seems to corner or weaken the opposition party as an enemy and not like in other countries where a democratic process strengthen the opposition. Timor Post reported another by quoting Rui Menezes who said that PM Mari Alkatiri could not just interfere the work of the government employees then reevaluate this tasks/responsibilities. He also said that politically, PM Alkatiri could have appreciate the referred action but (he needs) to know that there is an appropriate code of conduct to regulate civil servant’s professionalism. (DT, STL, TP)

Pro and Cons of Corruption and Nepotism Issue

The decision of PM Mari Alkatiri to combat corruption is no longer just talk but has been implemented in practice, STL reported on Monday. Francisco Branco reportedly told STL that the commitment of the Timor-Leste Government is demonstrated by six cases which have been handed over to the Prosecutor General for criminal investigation.

Meanwhile, the Vice Director of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Timor-Leste, Rui Manuel Castro told STL that he is shocked by three corruption cases that allegedly occurred in the Office of the Prime Minister as it was PM Alkatiri who said that there would be zero tolerance of corruption. Therefore, he added, if the three cases happened within his office, it would mean that PM Alkatiri could not control corruption that happened in his own office implying fragile management from PM Alkatiri’s side. He also said that there are also cases of nepotism such as if a minister is from one particular area and all the staff in the department are from that same area. (STL)

KOTA Celebrates Its Anniversary with a Long March

Pedro Ramalho, the Chairperson of the Organising Committee for the celebration of KOTA’s anniversary recently told the media that to commemorate the anniversary of KOTA there would be a mass rally at St. Antonio Motael which would be followed by a long march on Wednesday. Pedro explained that the ceremony would be held at the KOTA’s party headquarters where a general discussion and exchange of information would also take place. (Diario do Tempo)

MP Jose Andrade: Former Militia Still Come and Go at the Border Area

Bobonaro district MP Jóse Andradre (Fretilin) reportedly said on Friday that former militia members who still come and go in the border area without arrest by the Police with some even staying overnight with their relatives. He explained the visits of former militia members across the border as occurring due to the lack of control by the Police. He also clarified that militia members are able to enter Timor-Leste and then leave because of family ties that a specific Police officer has with Maliana militia commander Natalino Monteiro. He appealed to the Police to pay particular attention to that particular Police officer. (Diario do Tempo)

Hope for CTF To Succeed But Not Forget the Victims

The STL Editorial says that the Commission of Truth and Friendship (CTF) does not have an agenda to ‘seek justice’ but to seek reconciliation as shown by the statements of the Indonesian and Timor-Leste Foreign Ministers. Contrary to the above statement, the public in Timor-Leste believes that there will have only been enough work to defend human rights if trials are held against those who committed the crimes and the families of the victims receive justice. Sometimes we talk about defending human rights which is in itself a good concept but we also have committed human rights violations. […] However, it seems that we are “buying” good bilateral ties by selling our dignity as a nation. The two leaders working for the creation of the CTF are the same two leaders who have succeeded in the politics of reconciliation, Minister Horta and President Gusmăo. By creating the CTF and the leaders of the 1975 resistance, we hope that both Xanana Gusmăo and Jose Ramos Horta succeed with their CTF but not forget the pain of the population. (STL)

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