December  2005

November 2005
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December 23 - 30
Eurico Guterres's return to E Timor
Rice to Visit Indonesia Second Week of January [+PacNet]
General Confirms Freeport Payments
Xanana in W Timor
E.Timor president urges refugees to return home from Indonesia
Susilo, Gusmao mark Christmas on tsunami-scarred Nias
West Timor misery

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December 30
December 29
December 28
December 24 & 27

ACTION ALERT!Bush Administration Grants Unlimited Military “Aid” to Indonesia Betrays Military’s Victims and End-Runs Congress; Printable PDF version

On 30th Anniversary of Indonesian Invasion of East Timor, ETAN Calls for Justice, Understanding of U.S. Role

ETAN Calls for Release of East Timor Truth Commission Report Urges Full Discussion of Its Findings and Recommendations

ETAN Condemns Administration Waiver Permitting Weapons Sales to Indonesia

NSA: Declassified U.S. documents reveal support for Indonesian invasion and occupation of East Timor from 1975 until U.N. sponsored vote in 1999 Also British documents

ETAN: U.S. Congress Upholds Pressure for Human Rights for Indonesia, Timor; Law Will Restrict Military Assistance for Indonesia

Indonesia Should Take U.S. Congressional Restrictions on Military Aid Seriously

Ed McWilliams: Response to Efforts to Deny Crimes Against Humanity in West Papua

Human Rights First: U.S. Congress Calls for Justice for Slain Indonesian Human Rights Hero; Human rights group says investigation and prosecution falls short

Dissident Voice: The Mass Killings in Indonesia After 40 Years by John Roosa and Joseph Nevins

La'o Hamutuk Bulletin: November 2005 - Petroleum Dependency; Petroleum Regime; Justice; more

‘Illegally and Beautifully’: The United States, the Indonesian Invasion of East Timor and the International Community, 1974–76 by Brad Simpson

December 18 - 23
Xanana Gusmao to Attend X'mas in Jakarta Cathedral
There Was Once a Plan to Execute Xanana Gusmao
Pres. Gusmão visiting Jakarta, Aceh and West Timor
Alkatiri rebuts President's criticism of first veterans' benefits

Timor films censored in Indonesia
Indonesian President Orders Probe into Activist's Death

Letters to Editor on Bush Waiver
Letter to Editor on Kopassus
Don't share platforms with Kissinger - Letter

Australia trains Indonesian troops linked to Kiwi's death
Kopassus in E Timor - Licensed to kill
NZ's shameful role in the taking of East Timor

UNOTIL Daily Media Review
23 December
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17 & 19 Dec

East Timor's Truth Commission (CAVR) Report

Dili Demonstration Calls for Justice  
A march on the anniversary of East Timor independence in Dili. Rights activists have condemned a recommendation by East Timor's president that the truth commission's report be kept under wraps. (AFP/File/Candido Alves)  
ETAN: On 30th Anniversary of Indonesian Invasion of East Timor, ETAN Calls for Justice, Understanding of U.S. Role
ETAN Calls for Release of East Timor Truth Commission Report Urges Full Discussion of Its Findings and Recommendations

Exclusive Preview of CAVR Report- Juggling Pragmatism with Chilling Abuses
Admitting civil war 'excesses', PM Alkatiri rebuts 3,000 death toll
The search for truth divides East Timor

Timor Leste's Past- Let It Be or Bare It All?
Counterpunch: Waivers for State Terror: Bush and the Indonesian Generals
E. Timor Leader Looks to Quash Massacre Report
Church leader urges UN chief to set up int'l war crimes court
Release E. Timor Atrocities Report Even If Indonesia Objects- Rights Groups

The Dangerous Decency of President Xanana

Timor truth and friendship commission set to examine bloodshed
East Timor Bishop Ricardo to UN Secretary-General on Justice

Human Rights First: Timor Leste Should Release Truth Commission Report without Delay
East Timor urged to make public report on Indonesian atrocities
NZ & Aussie activists call for CAVR report release

West 'must pay' for brutal occupation
Gusmão rejects 'unrealistic' parts of report on rights abuses

Amnesty International: Timor-Leste: Denial of Justice?
German church-based aid agencies and human rights organisations demand publication of the final report of East Timor’s Truth Commission
ICTJ: Timorese Parliament Should Release Truth Commission Report Immediately  
CIIR urges the East Timorese parliament to make public a report into human rights violations

President Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao: On The Occasion Of The Handing Over Of The Final Report Of The Cavr To The National Parliament

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December 12 - 16
Waivers for State Terror - Bush & the Indonesian Generals
RI welcomes Australian decision to resume training Kopassus

President critical of gov't action on freedom fighter benefits
Lisbon spends euros 3.5mn on vocational skills teaching

Fidel announces expansion of cooperation with Timor Leste
East Timor’s Agriculture Minister Expresses "Profound Disappointment" With Sandalwood Article
Timor Leste Appoints Consul General to E Nusa Tenggara

Malaysia offers to help train East Timor's armed forces
Aussie funding pulled on Indonesia film fest

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16 December
15 December
14 December
13 December
10-12 December

In Memoriam

Nathan Osborn


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UNOTIL: End-of-the-Year Message to all UN staff

Land administration in East Timor : functions and responsibilities -- lessons learned from Albania, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Thailand

Uinversity of Hawaii: Timor-Leste Agricultural Rehabilitation, Economic Growth, and Natural Resources Management Project

IFRC: East Timor Appeal Programme Update

Fairfax Staff support Newspaper in East Timor
UH Pacific Business Center Program wins award for excellence

UNOTIL To Resume Services With Merpati Nusantara Airlines

Indonesia Alert!: Washington's Support for the Indonesian Military Detrimental to Democracy An Interview With Daniel Lev

TSJC: On Timor Sea resource sharing announcement

NZ IHRC - PM congratulated for maintaining Indonesia ban

Women in East Timor conference

UNDP: New Justice Sector Development Programme Agreed
SEAPA: E Timor to enforce criminal defamation law in 2006

UNHCR winds up West Timor operation (12/16)
UNHCR: Solutions found for East Timor's separated children (12/14)

WB: T-L World Development Report 2007: Youth Consultation

SIDNUET project signed for UNTL Library

UN: Budget Committee approves financing for T-L office

UNOTIL convenes meeting on Democratic Governance and Human Rights
UNOTIL: 10 PNTL officers to join the UN mission in Kosovo
UNOTIL: PNTL officers successfully complete Courses

JSMP Justice Update: Recent Developments in the Courts - October/November
JSMP Justice Update: The Code of Penal Procedure to Enter into Force in January 2006
JSMP: Suspected Halilintar Militia Members Arrested in Atabae
JSMP: Out of Court Agreement Taken into Account in Criminal Case

UNHCR winds up West Timor operation
UNHCR: Solutions found for East Timor's separated children

BirdLife: First national park for Timor-Leste

UNV: Celebrating International Volunteers Day in 2005

Task Force Addresses the Need to Review Detention Warrants
UNOTIL: Need for Electoral Law and International Assistance for National Elections

Bairo Pite Clinic Newsletters October, September

USGOV: U.S. Exports to East Timor from 2000-2004

TSJC: Australian Group Lashes Out at AusAid's 'Blacklist'

UNOTIL: UNOTIL Meeting on the Local Elections in Timor-Leste

UNICEF: De-worming project frees children from parasitic worms

Banking & Payments Authority of Timor-Leste: First Petroleum Fund Quarterly Report

UNOTIL/TLGOV: Report on Trade and Investment Promotion

Timor Leste 2005 / 2006 Inaugural Offshore Acreage Release

Overland: Wild Man in the Wings - Noam Chomsky

TSJC News Update: Growing reports of a deal to be signed by end of the year

WB: Timor-Leste's Youth Groups Want to be Part of Development

UN: Gender Mainstreaming In Peacekeeping Operations
UNHCR: Global Appeal 2006 East Asia and the Pacific

People's Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Zeng Qinghong Meets with President of East Timor Xanana

UNOTIL Hosts Strategic Planning Retreat for International Civilian Advisers

USGOV: International Religious Freedom Report 2005 Timor chapter, Indonesia chapter

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December 4-11
East Timor Invasion Leaves Haunting Legacy
E. Timorese mark 30 years after Indonesia's invasion
Democracy Now! Transcript - 30 Years after the invasion
Thirty-year wait for justice for Timor Leste
APSOC Statement Dec 7, 2005
Gough may be called over Balibo

Kopassus, Aussies to Resume Training
U.S.-Trained Anti-Terror Police Accused of Human Rights Violations
Arms dealer recruitment disrupted by protest
Letter to Editor on Bush weapons waiver

E.Timor PM hails agreement with Australia on Timor Sea oil and gas

UN refugee agency winds down mission in West Timor
Gusmao to Celebrate Christmas in West Timor

East Timorese policemen to join UN mission in Kosovo
TV series, book fair promote use of Portuguese language

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November 27 - December 4

UK government lied to cover up war crimes in 1975 invasion of island

Ex-Militia Members Set Up Organization
East Timorese policeman wounded in clash with infiltrators

Bishop Belo urges focus on development
Look to future, not past, Gusmão urges at independence celebration

Govt questioned over East Timor funding
Deal said struck on Timor Sea reserves

T-L Hopes to Join ASEAN in 5 Years

U.S.-Indonesia: Renewal Of Military Ties Angers Rights Groups

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November 2005
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