Subject: AN: Aru Regency Plans Cooperation With Neighboring Countries

Senin, 14 Februari 2005

Ambon, Maluku ( Berita ) : The administration of Aru regency is considering cooperation with its immediate neighbors Australia and East Timor.

Aru regency administration secretary GAA Gainau said here over the weekend that part of Aru regency, especially South Aru, is very near to Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory, and mutually beneficial cooperation is therefore quite feasible like a sister-city cooperation.

However, he added, the plan has yet to be discussed further in the transitional administration, following the expansion of Aru from its parent regency of Southeast Maluku on January 7, 2004.

He said as a flight by small aircraft from Dobo, capital of Aru regeny, to Darwin takes only one hour and 20 minutes, a cooperation between the two regions would be quite feasible.

A mutually beneficial cooperation would also be very useful in the prevention of poaching in the Aru regency waters, and stealing of timber and farm produce.

Meanwhile, Gainau said that his office is planning to expand three subdistricts into six subdistricts in view of the great distances and remote places which public services have to reach. The region comprises 187 islets, including 98 without a population, each separated by the vast sea.

Aru regency has been expanded into three regencies, namely Aru Islets with 43 villages, South Aru with 31 villages, and Central Aru with 45 villages and a total population of 70,000.(ant)

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