Subject: UNMISET Daily Media Review 15 February 2005

[Poster's note: Long repeats of international articles already sent out to the east-timor list have been removed.]

UNMISET Daily Press Review

Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Daily Media Review Tuesday, 15 February 2005

Houses being sold due to hunger

Residents of Suai Loro village in Suai have been forced to sell 12 of their houses to overcome the hunger that has struck the area. The Suai Loro village chief, Manuel Gomes, said that these people have had to sell their houses in order for their children to eat. Press reports claim the owners are selling their houses for between $100 and $150 and are being forced to live in thatched grass-roofed shelters. However, the Interim Sub-District Administrator, Alarico do Nascimento, has rejected the claims, saying instead that the selling of houses in his area has nothing to do with hunger. (STL)

Border issues to be discussed

The Commander-in-Chief of Falintil-FDTL, Taur Matan Ruak, and the head of the Timor-Leste's national police, Paulo de Fatima Martins, are expected to travel to Indonesia soon to discuss border security issues. Taur explained that this will be the first time that the military and police forces of the two countries will meet to specifically discuss this matter. Previously, all discussions focussed on measures at a lower level to guarantee security along the border. (STL)

PNTL's Border Patrol Unit arrests two militia

PNTL's General Commander, Paulo de Fatima Martins, confirmed yesterday that on 9 February, the Border Patrol Unit arrested two former militia members in Cowa village, Bobonaro district, as they attempted to enter Timor-Leste. According to Martins, the two were unarmed but were not carrying passports or other legal documentation. After being arrested in the border, they were taken to Dili District's police station and are now waiting to face a court hearing. (Timor Post)

Government builds 12 new schools

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, the Minister for Education, Armindo Maia, and the Japanese Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Hideaki Asahi, on Saturday symbolically placed the first stone for the foundation of the building of 12 new school buildings in the sub-district of Maubisse. According to the Minister for Education, the 12 new school buildings will house 6000 students. (STL)

New 260 Falintil-FDTL soldiers to graduate by April

F-FDTL's Chief of Staff, Coronel Lere Anan Timor, announced that a total of 260 F-FDTL soldiers, who have been taking part in the basic training programme at the Military Training Centre in Metinaro since November, are expected to graduate by April. At least 100 of the soldiers were also sent to Australia, Malaysia, China, the United States and Singapore for further training. (Timor Post)

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