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Daily Media Review Wednesday, 5 January2005

PM Alkatiri: F-FDTL should reassure the public

Following a meeting between PM Alkatiri and Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak, the Prime Minister has asked F-FDTL to reassure the local community regarding the recent Tsunami rumour that resulted in hundreds of residents seeking refuge behind in the hills or mountains in Dili.

Brigadier General Ruak said, "all government institutions needed to disseminate true and accurate information in order to ease the worries and concerns of the local community". Meanwhile, National Disaster Reduction Adviser in the Interior Ministry, Jane Morcelin said that it will be difficult for a Tsunami to reach Timor-Leste since the depth of the ocean in Timor-Leste is between 150 to 300 metres. She explained that the deeper the ocean, the greater will be the possibility of a Tsunami occurring.

PNTL Deputy Commissioner, Ismael Babo said that the police are still investigating the source of the tsunami rumour. (STL, TP)

MP Lucia Lobato: PSD Disagrees for TL Government to Support Indonesia

Socialist Democratic Party, PSD, MP Lucia Lobato stated that being a representative of the population, she disagrees with TL government's decision to donate US $10,000 to Alor and US $50,000 to Aceh communities who were affected by the natural disaster. She added that it is because Timor-Leste and its people are poor, and that sometimes the Timorese face destruction without receiving any assistance or support from the government. MP Lucia Lobato further explained that the above argument does not show her lack of solidarity to the victims, but she argued that solidarity could be shown through the expression of condolences through an official letter instead of giving US $60,000. (STL)

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