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Daily Media Review Thursday, 6 January2005

Mari Alkatiri: Government guarantees people will know of Tsunami ahead of time

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said that the Government guaranteed people would know about a Tsunami before it occurs. Therefore, he appealed to the population who were panicking and taking refuge in the hills to come back to town and resume their work as usual. Responding to the appeal from the President of the Republic to assist the Tsunami victims, Alkatiri said that the Government supported the idea and had opened a bank account for civil servants to make their contributions.

In a separate article, President of the National Parliament, Francisco Guterres “Lu-Olo” said that the Government should invite experts on tsunami and earthquakes to clearly explain to the people on the situation, particularly Dili and Timor Leste’s geographical situation, so that people who were still on the hills would be convinced to return home. (Timor Post)

Protesters against Government’s donation lack maturity

Prime Minister Alkatiri and Foreign Minister Horta said that those who protested against the government’s donation of USD 50,000 for the victims of the Tsunami disaster through the UN agency OCHA are brainless and lack maturity, sincerity and spirit of solidarity. The Prime Minister said that a brainless person knows nothing more than to protest. While Minister Horta added that MP Lucia Lobato is an embarrassment and other political parties that share PSD’s argument neither have the condition nor the alternative to govern in Timor-Leste. Because, it represents lack of maturity, sincerity, spirit of solidarity as well as lack of diplomatic tact.

The government has also opened a bank account for Timor-Leste civil servants to donate towards the Tsunami fund. PM Alkatiri opened the bank account following President Gusmão’s appeal.

STL states that victims of the recent panic rumour of a Tsunami attack in Dili have increased. More than 13 people were brought to the Emergency Unit of the National Hospital of Dili. The report also mentioned that a woman, 7 months pregnant, lost her baby due to shock. (TP, STL)

FM Ramos Horta to attend world tsunami relief summit

Dili, Jan 5 - East Timor’s Foreign Minister, José Ramos Horta, will attend a summit of world leaders in Jakarta to coordinate global relief efforts in the wake of the Asian tsunami disaster and discuss a regional warning system to prevent future catastrophes, an official said Wednesday.

Leaders from the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are attending the emergency meeting Thursday in the Indonesian capital, along with top government officials from China, Australia, the United States, India, Japan, the European Union and donor organisations. Countries participating at the summit represent some of the largest donors that have already pledged a total USD 2 billion aid. Japan has pledged USD 500 million of this, the largest offer, the US promised USD 350 million and China USD 60 million.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda said Tuesday that the summit would issue a joint declaration containing “solidarity and commitment to handle this unprecedented disaster”. Ramos Horta said the one-day summit would also study the possibility of establishing a regional tsunami warning system for all ASEAN members.

Timor, Southeast Asia’s poorest nation, has already donated USD 50,000 to assist victims of the Dec. 26 earthquakes and sea surges. (LUSA)

Becora Prison prepares special cell for female prisoners

The Director of Becora Prison, Carlos Sarmento told media that his department is rehabilitating a special cell for female prisoners at Becora Prison. STL reported that so far female prisoners could not be kept there and have always been transferred to Baucau and Gleno Prisons due to the lack of special cells for female prisoners. The report outlines that the special cell would be constructed away from the male prisoners’ cell. He lamented that apart from the maximum 300 male prisoners, Becora prison aims to hold up to 50 female prisoners. (STL)

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