Subject: UNMISET Daily Media Review 12 January 2005

UNMISET Daily Press Review

Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Daily Media Review Wednesday, 12 January 2005

932 Timorese Received Pension from Indonesian Government

Jose Asa, the Director for the National Labour Department, told the media that around 932 of 1096 Timorese who have contributed to the Indonesian social safety net during the Indonesian period had been paid their pension by the Indonesian Government on Tuesday Jan 11, reported STL on Wednesday. According to Asa 892 people would be paid in Dili through Bank Mandiri while the other 40 would be paid in Oecussi. According to the newspaper, Indonesian government had allocated US$56,000 for the payments. (TP)

Babo: Police to be stationed in the Fragile Corners of Dili

PNTL Operations Commander, Ismael Babo, told the media that plans are in place to station police in troubled areas of Dili to prevent crimes reported STL. According to Babo, places like Becora, Taibesi and Tasi Tolu bus terminal have been identified as troubled areas and has appealed to the local communities to cooperate with the police in preventing crimes. In the meantime, Marcelino Lopez, a resident of Dili, responded positively to PNTL's initiative, urging the police not to use violence when handling cases as it triggers negative reaction from the public against the police. (STL)

Santos: Timor-Leste Government Faces Concern of Starvation

Abilio dos Santos, a Disaster Management Official said Timor-Leste government is facing major concern regarding starvation noting that the population in some districts are without food. Santos pointed to the shortage food harvested, the fragile community based economy and the late rainfall as the main causes for the food shortages. He also said that despite the initiatives to assist the victims of the tsunami disaster in Aceh, 'Timor-Leste government has neglected the starvation problem currently experienced by its population at the districts level'. The sub-district currently facing food problems are Lospalos, Iliomar, Luro, Moro, said Abilio dos Santos. (STL)

Fretilin Does Not Lose Trust Of the Youth

In response to Fretilin party loss in the local elections in both Bobonaro and Oecussi districts, the Secretary General of OJETIL (Youth Organisation of Fretilin) Eladio Faculto told the media last week that the result did not mean that Fretilin had lost the trust of the youth. He noted that it was due to the democracy and that people chose their local leaders from the independent candidates based on their own wishes. (STL)

Sabino: Journalists Are Key Elements In Alerting the World On Various Issues

Democratic Party (PD) representative Mariano Sabino told the media on Tuesday that journalists all over the world always face challenges, and even some were killed while carrying out their duties. However, he said they are the key instruments in alerting the world [on various issues]. "Therefore I am proud of the journalists and highly value their work. Timor-Leste has just become independent, and even though they have limited skills, they have offered their total contribution to the nation. We need to support the work of journalists in Timor-Leste," Sabino said. According to Sabino, Timorese leaders should respect the existence of journalists, adding that very often they say bad things against each other, but when it is reported later in the media, they immediately blame on the journalists. (STL)

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