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January 29 - 31
Daily Media Review 31 January 2005

U.S. to Revisit Jakarta Army Aid
Lisbon military officer to advise Gusmão on new defense body
East Timor Set to Welcome Oil and Gas Explorers
Despite criticism, Gusmão backs moves to normalize Indonesia ties
Letters by ETANers
Gusmao visits Indonesian prison

Winter 2004-05 Issue Online


A Message from Noam Chomsky: Donate to ETAN's Annual Appeal

ETAN ALERT: Bush Must Not Use Tsunami to Strengthen Indonesian Military

TAKE ACTION: East Timor still yearns for justice, Only the U.N. can provide it

ETAN: Tsunami Must Not Sweep Away Restrictions on Indonesian Military

Congress: Rep. Evans writes Adm. Fargo on military ties; Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy- Dear Colleague Letteron Aceh

NGO Letter to Secretary of State Powell on Aceh Crisis

ETAN/NI/ILRF: U.S. Groups Urge Indonesia to Put People over Politics; Humanitarian Catastrophe Adds to Human-Created Destruction in Aceh

Indonesian NGOs on Joint Truth Commission

ET NGOs Response to the Indonesian and East Timor governments to establish a Truth and Friendship Commission; JSMP: 'Truth and Friendship Commission': More Friendship, Less Truth, Impunity from the Law

IFET Writes UN Secretary General on Justice, Truth and Commission of Experts

U.S. NGOs Write Indonesian President on Murder of Munir

La'o Hamutuk Bulletin: October 2004: Special Panels for Serious Crimes; Nigeria Exchange

Give to ETAN Aceh Relief

January 24 - 28
Xanana delivers Tsunami aid
E. Timor gives 'symbolic' donation for Indonesia's tsunami victims
Timor Promises to Lobby US to Overturn Military Embargo
Indonesia, Timor Agree on Permanent Border Crossing

Hope and perseverance (Bishop Belo)
Bishop Belo Calls for Aceh Peace

From East Timor to Iraq- An Interview with John Martinkus

Dili, Lisbon to sign new defense cooperation agreement next week
Australian military helps fight Timor dengue epidemic
Japan, E. Timor Ink Technological Cooperation Accord

Businessman wins ace in campaign for Timor's boundary

Daily Media Review 28 January 2005
Daily Media Review 27 January 2005
Daily Media Review 26 January 2005
Daily Media Review 25 January 2005
Daily Media Review 24 January 2005

Aceh, Relief and Military Assistance

ETAN: Tsunami Must Not Sweep Away Restrictions on Indonesian Military

Congress: Rep. Evans writes Adm. Fargo on military ties; Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy- Dear Colleague Letter on Aceh
NGO Letter to Secretary of State Powell on Aceh Crisis
ETAN/NI/ILRF: U.S. Groups Urge Indonesia to Put People over Politics; Humanitarian Catastrophe Adds to Human-Created Destruction in Aceh

Papua Ambush Victim's Wife Urges Rice to Keep Ban on Indon Military
Shirley Shackleton: Aid to the military could annihilate the Acehnese

Wolfowitz Visited Indonesia For Closer Military Ties, Not Tsunami Relief (Joe Nevins)
Indonesia's President Wants Stronger Post-Tsunami Military [+Analyses]

Ex-militia head denies Aceh claim; Deadly militia sets up in Aceh
IPS: Bush Uses Tsunami Aid to Regain Foothold in Indonesia
NYT Editorial- The Need to Curb Indonesia's Army
American Victim (Patsy Spier) of Indonesian Violence Speaks Out

Aceh: A war for all to see
Indonesia Wants U.S. To Lift Weapon Sales Ban (Damien Kingsbury)
Growing Doubts on Aceh's Relief Effort
Aceh - From crisis, opportunity (Joe Nevins)

US Hopes Its Planes Won't be Used To Kill Acehnese
'TNI Maintains Anti-Rebel Paranoia, Impedes Aid Distribution'

Indonesia Alert!: Aceh’s Dual Disasters: The Tsunami and Military Rule by John Roosa
Democracy Now!: ExxonMobil, Aceh and the Tsunami
Democracy Now!: Nearly 100,000 Dead in Aceh From Tsunami, as Activists Blast Indonesian Military for Holding Up Critical Aid
Democracy Now!: Aceh: A Victim of Tsunami & Occupation; Will the Indonesian Army Use the Tsunami As A Cover to Continue Its Slaughter of the People of Aceh?

Aceh Working Group Concern over TNI Monopoly on Aid

APSOC: Asian Victims Need Humanitarian Help, Not Politics or Corruption
TLGOV/UNMISET: Timor donates $50,000 to UN relief efforts

Inside Indonesia: Why is solidarity for Aceh so much weaker than for Timor?
Inside Indonesia: Special Issue on Aceh (January-March 2005)

see also:
Aceh page
U.S.-Indonesia Military Assistance page

January 16 - 21
Australian Government at fault over Sunrise delay
Australia Open To "Sensible" Timor Solutions
Dili wants Portugal's Galp to invest in energy sector

Taming the "Banana Republic"- The United States in East Timor
Alleged pro-Indonesia militiaman arrested after armed clash
Schwartz discusses human rights monitoring agencies 
East Timor raises funds for tsunami victims with football

Indonesia, East Timor to form "truth and friendship" commission
Indonesian amb appointed to chair U.N. Human Rights Commission
New firm taps lucrative coconut oil export market
Portugal, Timor Sign Military Cooperation Agreement
Commuters out, squatters in as Timor gift fails road test

Daily Media Review
20 January 2005
19 January 2005
18 January 2005
17 January 2005

Other Links (open in new window)
Exception to the Rulers by Amy Goodman  
Donate $100 or more to ETAN and receive a signed copy of Amy Goodman's new book  Exception to the Rulers as a thank you gift!

TSJC: Television Ads attack Howard Government over Timor Sea 'theft
ANU Asian Analysis: East Timor: Renewed Uncertainty Over Oil
ETLJ: Timor-Leste Maritime Boundary Case

Amnesty Int'l: Recommendations to Indonesia on election as chair of UN Human Rights Commission

UNDP: GEF Support for T-L
UNDP/TL Office of President: Verification Of Veterans Data Project Launch
World Bank: "First Health Sector Program Makes Good Start:" Health Minister Rui Araujo
World Bank Opens Expanded Learning Resource Center for Timor-Leste (Press Release)

HRW World Report 2005: East Timor chapter, Indonesia
HRW: East Timor: New Law Aims to Stifle Political Dissent

JSMP: Public Access Barred to Decisions from District Courts

JSMP: Announcement Of Results Of Preparatory Phase Of Training for Court Actor
JSMP: Overview of the Courts in East Timor in 2004
JSMP: Report examines police treatment of women in Timor Leste
JSMP: Unfulfilled Expectations: Community Views on CAVR's Community Reconciliation Process
JSMP: Review Hearing in a Case of Domestic Violence

UN: Summary of T-L statement on Tsunami at UN GA

USAID: Timor's First Round of Local Elections Draws Thousands of Voters

UNDP: New System Improves Management of Civil Service

USAID: Macroeconomics Policies Promote Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction
USAID: New Booklet Explains the Role of Civil Servants

Bairo Pite  Clinic January 2005 newsletter

USGOV: Navy Vessels Thach, Milius visit East Timor

UNMISET - Facts and Figures

Huanglongbing (citrus greening disease) in Timor-Leste

IFRC: T-L: Appeal No. 01.63/2004 Programme Update No. 3

UNHCR: Solutions found for East Timor's separated children
2003 UNHCR Statistical Yearbook: East Timor

SCU: 4 New Indictments
JSMP: Draft Penal Code Requires Public Consultation

Xanana's Speech at the Asian Society Conference in Washington (PDF)

New UNMISET website
Website of Banking and Payments Authority of Timor-Leste

New official Tourism Site in English and Portuguese
New Timor-Leste government website

January 8 - 15
Timor talks sought as Sunrise project shelved
Sun sets on $5bn gas deal

Timor, Bangladesh Seek Duty-free access of products to American market
Lisbon to sign new defense cooperation accord next week

XG- New Year Message to the Diplomatic Corps
Various Letters - Above the law

Daily Media Review 
14 January 2005

13 January 2005
12 January 2005
11 January 2005
10 January 2005


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January 4 - 7
Letters to Australian papers
DIPLOMATIC DESPATCHES- An island that holds promise for Malaysia

A truth commission for East Timor - but who planned the 1999-mayhem?
Lisbon's aid in 2005 targets education, Portuguese teaching
Whitlam Ducks Queries on ET Views

Brazil Takes Portuguese to East Timor
Authorities seeking those behind tsunami rumor panic

UNMISET Daily Media Review
7 January2005
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5 January200
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