Subject: Daily Media Review Monday, 01 June 2005

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Friday, 03 June 2005

Opposition MP’s criticize 2005/06 Budget

MP Rui Menezes from the Social Democrat Party has criticized the draft 2005-2006 Budget saying that it is mostly made up of recurring expenses at 73%, while capital expenditure is limited to only 27% of the budget. He said that this means that most of the budgetary expenditure will be used to ‘feed’ the government machine, rather than prioritized for development. While the Budget states that new Ministries will be opened in five departments, Menezes said that as a small country Timor-Leste does not require many Ministries. According to Menezes, the Budget does not strike an equal balance between political and economic development, with a priority placed on political development while economic development is neglected. (Timor Post)

NOTE: MP Rui Menezes represents the Democratic Party, not the Social Democratic Party.

US Ambassador comments on Cuba visit

United States Ambassador to Timor-Leste Grover Joseph Rees said that he has confidence in the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Jose Ramos Horta, even though he will pay a visit to Cuba. Speaking to journalists after meeting with the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Olimpio Branco on Thursday, Rees said that he believes that Horta has a strong position on human rights, so there should be no problem even if he visits a country where there are no human rights. He said that Horta’s visit to Cuba may even be a positive influence regarding Cuba’s position on human rights. He added that the Cuba visit would not have any impact on US ­ Timor-Leste relations. (Timor Post)


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