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Thursday, 09 June 2005

Alkatiri expresses need for UN advisor

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri has asked UNOTIL to continue to provide UN advisors to work with him for a further year. Speaking to journalists after meeting with Alkatiri yesterday, UNOTIL?s SRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa said that Alkatiri continues to require the assistance of his advisors for matters concerning human rights, petroleum, external investment and export promotion, and he asked for UNOTIL?s support on this. (Timor Post)

Debate on misuse of state facilities continues

Members of Parliament from opposition factions continue to question the government?s use of state facilities, in particular vehicles, for Party activities. KOTA MP Manuel Tilman, speaking in Tuesday?s Plenary Session, brought up the use of state facilities in the recent village chief elections, where he charged that some MP?s and government servants used government vehicles to carry out political activities related to the elections. Tilman said that this is a misuse of state funds and facilities. Responding to Tilman?s criticisms, Fretilin MP Miguel Soares said that as people?s representatives, every Friday MP?s visit the districts to meet with their people. He said that as such, they have the right to use state facilities to do so.

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri meanwhile, responding to the demands of the opposition MP?s to explain this misuse of state facilities, asked the opposition to let the government do its work. ?As far as I know, Fretilin won the 2001 elections, and will win again in 2007?, Alkatiri said. He said that the opposition would be free to implement their programs once they became the government. (STL)

ASEAN rep meets with Xanana

Chief Representative of the United Kingdom for ASEAN, Paul Speller, yesterday met with President Xanana Gusm? to discuss future cooperation between the two nations. Speaking to journalists after meeting with the President, Speller said that the aim of the meeting was also so that he may learn more about the situation in Timor-Leste. He added that an important part of the meeting was reflecting on the work of the UN mission as well as United Kingdom assistance in Timor-Leste up to now.  He said that the United Kingdom would continue to provide assistance to Timor-Leste in the area of justice and police development. The United Kingdom Ambassador to Timor-Leste Tina Redshaw was also present at the meeting.

The Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea Chun Yung Woo also met with President Xanana yesterday to discuss how Korea may assist in Timor-Leste?s development. According to Chun, the Korean government is interested in providing capacity building support. The Korean Government will also continue to provide support to the Timor-Leste junior football team. Chun added that President Xanana plans to visit the Republic of Korea next week. (Timor Post)

Kuwait to assist TL with oil

Minister of Interior Rog?io Lobato has told journalists that a delegation from Kuwait will visit Timor-Leste in July to discuss oil and gas cooperation. Relating his experience from his recent visit with the Prime Minister to Kuwait, Lobato said that Kuwait has a lot of oil, and thus they have a lot of experience in this field. Lobato stressed the importance of not limiting petroleum cooperation to only one country, but the need to expand this cooperation to other countries also in order to vary experience. (Timor Post)

Cassa Bridge to be inaugurated tomorrow

The Cassa Bridge in Ainaro District that has just completed reparations will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri on Friday. The reparations to the three-hundred-meter-long bridge, which has been given a new name, the 30th of August Bridge, began in November 2004 with funds taken from the Trust Fund for East Timor (TFET) and administration assistance provided by the Asian Development Bank and the government?s Department of Public Works. Resident Representative of the Asian Development Bank in Timor-Leste Charles Andrews said that he believes the new bridge will play a role in the economic development of the South Coast regions. (Timor Post)

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