Subject: UNOTIL Daily Media Review 24 June 2005

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Daily Press Review

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Daily Media Review Friday, 24 June 2005


Government reshape in response to demands

Prime Minister Alkatiri said the reshaping of the government structure, which he is planning to do soon, is in response to the demands received by the government. Alkatiri said the purpose of it is to initiate the decentralization process and exhaust the budget for the fiscal year ending 2005/06.

He added that the proposal for the budget has been presented to the National Parliament. The Prime Minister emphasized that the government has opted for new dynamics by working closely with the private sector and coordinating bigger investments in the area of infrastructure to demand greater job quality. (Timor Post)

UN should not place the burden of 1999 on TL

Prime Minister Alkatiri said the United Nations should not place the burden of the events of 1999 on Timor-Leste. Alkatiri said Timor-Leste, as a member of the UN, has the right to accept or reject an international tribunal, adding that the responsibility is that of the world body and not Timor-Leste's. He added Timor-Leste found its road to justice over the 24 years through the resistance movement to achieve independence. "This is the contribution of the Timorese people to the world to find justice and proceed with the law," adding that if the UN wants to speak about 1999 then it's "their responsibility because they were here when the problems rose". The Prime Minister emphasized that the Timorese's duty today is to find the truth through the Commission for Truth and Friendship as it will help in finding justice in the future. (Timor Post)

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