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Daily Media Review Friday, 01 July 2005

Establishment of IT Is Not a Burden For TL

Responding to the media, regarding the UN Commission of Experts recommendations to Indonesian government to re-open the investigation on the serious crimes committed in Timor-Leste, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said, “It is not the government of TL that does not want justice. For the want of justice was the reason why there was a 24 year struggle to find justice which cost the lives of many Timorese”. He added that “the Serious Crimes Unit was established in Timor-Leste in the past five years to find justice but that the work to find justice remains incomplete,” noting that from now onwards the international community has the obligation to continue with the work of the Serious Crimes Unit. Referring to the impact of an international tribunal, PM Alkatiri reportedly said “I will not be going to prison yet, therefore there is no problem”.

With regard to the demands by the Timorese Women Forum to establish legislation against abortion, PM Alkatiri said the joint declaration between the Government and the Catholic Church hierarchy will facilitate the organisation of public debates and listen to opinions. He said that many countries like Portugal gained their independence years ago and today are still debating about abortion, adding that it was up to the Parliament to decide whether abortion was a crime. (STL)

UN Pressure Will Not Disrupt TL-Indonesia Relations

According to Fretilin Parliamentary leader, Francisco Branco MP, UN pressure on Indonesia in relation to the serious human rights violations in TL and the demand for the establishment of an international tribunal will not disrupt the relations of the two countries, because both countries are committed to strengthen their relations through the Truth and Friendship Commission. (STL)

L7: Government Abusing Power

Former Falintil commander, Cornelio Gama who is also known as L7 said the Government must identify those who were responsible for crimes against humanity in 1999 to the families of victims, adding that that if the Government fails to do so then it is abusing the power of the victims and the veterans in their quest for justice. Gama added that the Government must address the demands of the victims or face consequences from the population. He is of the opinion that to avoid problems between the population and the Government that it would be better to establish an international tribunal to find justice for the victims as the Jakarta Ad Hoc tribunal had failed. (DT)

Xanana Sad About Fights Between Groups

Speaking during the ceremony of the sign joint declaration by Fokmatil (Martial Arts Communication Forum) President Gusmão said he is disappointed by the continuing conflict and killings between groups. He hopes that the declaration will put an end to the tensions.

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said the signing of the document would help the Government to carry out its work. PM Alkatiri said that if there is no stability and peace there will not be development noting that the youth were raised during a period of violence and that they had established the institutions during this time in order to protect themselves.

MP Mariano Sabino of Democrat Party, said the signing of the joint declaration is very important to establish peace in the country. MP Maria Paixão of Social Democratic Party said the signing is important but a decree law must be set up to manage groups. MP Cipriana Pereira of Fretilin said that the youths are the future of Timor-Leste so they should be preparing themselves to contribute to the development of the country.

On Thursday various martial arts groups including three groups constantly in conflict namely Kera Sakti, KORKA and Setia Hati signed a joint declaration, promising to stop the violence in Timor-Leste. According to the document, if a group should break the rules they will be taken to court. (STL, TP, DT, TVTL)

Plans to Station F-FDTL in the Border

Infrastructure is required to station F-FDTL at the border, Chief of State Lere Anan Timor told the media on Wednesday. Anan Timor said there are plans to put members of the Defence Force at the borders, in Ataúro and Oecussi but it is as yet unclear when this will happen. (TP)

Free Sex Is Not Timorese Culture

Diário Tempo today focussed on the concept of “free sex” [pre-marital sex] as a new phenomenon in Timor-Leste. According to the article, “free-sex” is an issue often discussed among the younger generation after the country gained its independence. It is reported that prior to independence the word “free-sex” was not heard in Timor-Leste society. It is considered as immoral and not part of Timorese culture but foreign culture as based on foreign laws where the age of consent is 17. This is considered immoral and wrong if applied in Timor-Leste in daily life where only those people who have left their families and the church perform the immoral act also known as “free sex”. (DT)

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