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Spring 2005


Join ETAN's Advocacy Days, Come to Washington, June 12-14

ETAN Advocacy Days 2005 Report and Pictures

The Question of U.S. Military Assistance for Indonesia

More Than 50 Groups Urge Bush Not to Offer Military Assistance to Indonesian President

Reported Australia/Timor-Leste Oil Deal "Cheats" East Timorese, Says ETAN

Announcing the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network: ETAN Changes Name and Mission Statement; Group’s Current Work and Goals More in Focus

Open letter to President of Indonesia on Munir murder investigation

IFET Letter to UN Commission of Experts

On Anniversary of East Timor Church Massacre UN Must Take Responsibility for Justice

Groups Urge Indonesian Cooperation with UN Commission of Experts

Background on Paul Wolfowitz, Indonesia and East Timor

Truth Known, East Timorese Need Justice; Accountability for Rights Crimes Remains an International Responsibility

NGOs of Timor Leste and Indonesia: "Political deals" were made over the Establishment of the Commission of Truth and Friendship

A Message from Noam Chomsky: Donate to ETAN's 2005 Appeal

May 23 - May 31
P-I: Teenagers' eyes open to a dot on a map
AFP/AP: Gas deal with Australia close, says E Timor

Detik: Fuel smuggling along border with E Timor "rampant"
Gusmao pleased with 'fantastic' Lisbon-revived Governor's Palace
Cows milked, not eaten
KY: Horta raps U.N. decision on Indonesia's Merpati airlines

RT: Non-lethal U.S. defense sales to Indonesia cleared
AP: On eve of meeting with Indonesian, Bush urged to discuss rights situation
Lusa: Activist groups urge White House to press Yudhoyono on justice issue
AP: Bush Promises to Help Indonesia

UNOTIL Daily Media Review
23 May
24 May
25 May
26 May
27 May

May 16 - 22
Lusa: Ruling party shows its strength in double anniversary celebrations
Cautious welcome for Australian Govt about-face on Timorese refugees

The sun rises on Timor's fortunes
Horta denies seabed deal reached
East Timor says no energy deal with Australia yet

Susilo to lobby U.S. on arms
Susilo Approves Additional Military Funding
From Timor to Aceh to Papua- TNI Commanders Get Key Posts

Police, defense force cooperation vital for stability
Lack of UN peacekeepers worries Dili's political, military leaders
ET in Asia's top security forum
East Timor peacekeeping mission ends
Lisbon providing 30 police for new UN mission - Ambassador Salgueiro

Interview with Xanana on 3 years
PM unveils plans for revamped gov't to spearhead regional dev'pment
Timor Marks 3rd Anniversary

Plenty of room to make a difference
House Names Democracy Commission Members 
Brazil Sends Books to East Timor to Promote Portuguese

UNMISET Daily Media Review 
19 May
18 May
17 May
16 May

Church and State in East Timor

An East Timorese nun gives a piece of candy to a soldier during an anti-government protest


An East Timorese nun gives a piece of candy to a soldier during an anti-government protest. AP photo.

Joint Declaration of Church and Timor Government
Dili returns to normality after Govt-Church accord ends 20-day demo
East Timor Govt agrees to Church demand on school*
UNMISET holds discussion on Religion in Public Schools in Timor-Leste*

Govt-Church talks focused on 'details', no date yet for agreement
Bishops' 'no-show' a "breakdown in communication" - Gusmão
Uprising threatens government stability
PM Alkatiri hopeful solution to Govt-Church showdown in sight
Catholic leaders give gov't new demands as protest continues
Anti-Govt demos continue as police deadline expires peacefully

Gusmão meets Catholic demonstrators, predicts solution to crisis
E Timor may reconsider religious education ban
East Timor settles education dispute with Catholic Church- PM
Coverage on the Differences between the Church and the Government
Church leaders say anti-gov't protest will continue

E Timor PM refuses calls to step down
Catholic bishops studying PM Alkatiri's invitation for crisis talks
Row in East Timor over religion in schools
Gusmão says he won't allow Catholic protest to topple Alkatiri Gov't
Church activists call on Timor PM to resign
PM Alkatiri welcomes new pope, wants dialogue with local church
Catholics, Gov't lower their rhetoric as Church protests continue
Catholic E Timor hails appointment of "accessible, charming" pope
E Timor's Catholic church rallies thousands in anti-government protest

RC church leaders behaving like 'opposition party', says PM
Catholic bishops blast gov't for causing 'great offense' to church

East Timor mourns 'catalyst' Pope

see also Daily Media Review

May 7 - 14
Ed McWilliams- Making a Tragic Mistake in Indonesia
U.S. Navy SEALs in Indonesia Anti-Terrorism Drill

Doubts over Timor Sea deal
Alkatiri labels report of Timor Sea accord an 'absolute lie'
Australia Catholic Bishops call for generosity in Timor Sea talks

Border problems plague RI-E. Timor
TNI to form special battalion to guard Timor border

Australia removes specific Timor warning
No link yet between arrests at gov't HQ and terror alert, says PM
Indonesia to establish new naval base near East Timor

Measured hopes for a fledging East Timor
Rejected after 10 years 'at home' in Australia
M'sia May Take Workers From Timor-Leste

UNMISET Daily Media Review
13 May
12 May
11 May
9 May

Justice Updates

The Serious Crimes Unit and Timor-Leste's Prosecutor General, Longuinhos Martins, held a burial ceremony for the remains of 33 unidentified bodies


14 May 2005: The Serious Crimes Unit and Timor-Leste's Prosecutor General, Longuinhos Martins, held a burial ceremony today for the remains of 33 unidentified bodies from the outbreak of violence in 1999. Since its establishment in 2000, the SCU has returned the remains of the majority of victims to their families. However, those that were unable to be identified were buried during a ceremony at the Cacaulido cemetery in Fatumeta, in Dili. UNMISET photo.

H.E President Xanana Gusmão Gives Amnesty to 18 Prisoners
JSMP: Concerns over Legal Representation for Outstanding SPSC Appeals

UNDP: Australia contributes UNDP Institutional Capacity Development Support Program
UNDP: Baucau Civic Education Centre
UNDP - Legal Training for Timorese Jurists and Technicians
UNDP: Communiity Development Programme Underway In Oecussi

Amnesty Int'l: Report 2005 Timor Chapt., Indonesia Chapter
Human Rights First: New Report Reveals Major Setbacks to Human Rights in Indonesia
JSMP: Justice For Victims Still Elusive
TAPOL: Suharto Must be Brought to Justice for Crimes Against Humanity

AGO Stalls Timor Prosecutions- Komnas HAM
E.Timor Inquiry "Irrelevant-" RI Minister
Susilo Meets UN Timor Violence Investigators
Ghosts of E. Timor [+Hunting Down the Perpetrators]
Justice in Limbo- The Case of East Timor
E. Timor Rights Cases Under Int'l Spotlight Again

East Timor Sentences Two Militiamen to Nine Years in Jail
East Timor laying past to rest
USGOV- Zoellick Press Roundtable in Indonesia
Horta says he's willing to wait 20 years for justice against Indonesian abuses

JSMP: Recent Decisions from Special Panels for Serious Crimes
JSMP: Judge Applies Invalid Law

RI urged to support UN commission of experts
Judge Rapoza on Serious Crimes Process

Indonesia 'open' to work with U.N. Commission of Experts
Indon Military Picks Indicted General As Spokesman
Indo Govt Advised To Lobby China, Russia on UN Experts Commission
Concern over selection of Truth and Friendship Commission members

Amnesty International: Timor-Leste: Security Council must ensure perpetrators are held to account  
Human rights activists protest against new Indonesian defence head
ICTJ: Time for Action
Indo rights groups urge gov't cooperate with Commission of Experts
Indonesia to Bar Entry of UN Experts Investigating Timor Crimes

JSMP: Analysis Of Decisions In Cases Involving Women And Children Victims
UNMISET to support Timor-Leste’s Office of the Provedor for Human Rights and Justice

TAPOL: Yet more obstacles in the way of justice for East Timor
JSMP: Submission to the United Nation's Commission of Experts
KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives - Ending Impunity and Defending Human Rights in Timor Leste and Indonesia

May 1-7
Shock over rejection of East Timor refugees
A department of mean spirit [refugee deportations]

USGOV- Bush To Welcome Indonesia's President to White House May 25
US determined to restore ties with Indonesian military, naval chief says
Senior U.S. envoy discusses economic, security issues with Indonesian president
US, Indonesian military officers meet to work on anti-terror cooperation
US sees Indonesia, Vietnam as strategic allies in SE Asia

Australia forces deferral of Timor boundary resolution
Timor Sea resource deal on track
Australia to continue East Timor aid
Gov't Should ET to Settle Shooting Case
"UNMISET's hastily replacement by UNOTIL in East Timor"

UNMISET Daily Media Review
5 May
4 May
3 May
2 May

Photo by Tim Kao/ InsurgentImage '05


Insurgent Image: Timor images pre and post © Tim Kao/ InsurgentImage '05

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ARTE MORIS - Fine Arts School, Cultural Center and Artists’ Association
UNDP: Communiity Development Programme Underway In Oecussi

ABCTV - Compass: Sister Lourdes - Faith In A Nation
UN: Security Council on Peacebuilding
TSJC Media Release: More talks needed on resource deal, while Aus Gov continues to take millions

JSMP: The Government Seeks to Regulate Private Lawyers
JSMP: Judge Sentences Defendant to Six Years Imprisonment in Rape

U.S. Weapons at War 2005: Promoting Freedom or Fueling Conflict? World Policy Institute Special Report, by Frida Berrigan and William D. Hartung, June 2005

UN: Budget Committee Takes Up T-L UNMISET Liquidation

UN: Security Council Recognizes Need For Int'l Involvement in T-L
UN Security Council Meeting 16 May 2005 Provisional Verbatim
Country Statements: Australia; Brazil; Japan; Portugal; United States
UN: SG's End of Mandate Report on UNMISET

UNMISET: UN peacekeeping missions in Timor-Leste come to an end
UNMISET: Australia donates funds for Serious Crimes Unit

Undertones - Passabe (Singapore radio interview about film documentary)

Friends and Partners with East Timor May Newsletter
Carmelite Mission Support Groups
World Vision: Tools for change: Children at risk

UNESCO: Learning independence: Education in emergency and transition in Timor-Leste since 1999

TSJC: East Timor short changed in Oil Deal
Crikey: Are Timor talks a Downer?
TSJC: Progress at Timor Sea talks as public pressure mounts

UNESCO: Learning independence: Education in emergency and transition in Timor-Leste since 1999 IFES: Quarterly report - development of national electoral framework

Univ of Melbourne researchers to create first map of Timor island (Atauro)

IMF Survey: In search of growth and prosperity (pp 132-133)

UNMISET: Major symposium on UN Peacekeeping operations in Timor-Leste
UNMISET: Role of UN Peace Operations in Establishment of a Political Foundation for Post-Conflicet Timor-Leste: A Critical Analysis
UN: Complaints of sexual infractions at UN last year doubled from 2003

AUSGOV: UN - Successor Mission for East Timor

UN: Security Council Establishes One-Year Political Mission in Timor-Leste, UN Office Will Remain until 20 May 2006, Supporting Development of Police, Border Patrol, Other Critical Institutions

UN: Continued Assistance Crucial to Timor-Leste’s Long-term Security, Stability, Says Secretary-General in Message to Dili Meeting

Bairo Pite Clinic News March 2005
Friends of Same Newsletter April/May 2005
UNDP Timor-Leste launches new website

ANZ Pacific Report March 2005
WB: East Asia Update April 2005
TLGOV/WB:Documents from TL Development Partners Meeting 24-26 April

TSJC: Unions urge fair go for East Timorese in Timor Sea talks; ACTU: Unions urge fair go for East Timorese in Timor Sea talks
APHEDA: Justice for East Timor in Oil & Gas Negotiations
TSJC: Infant mortality compels Aussie Doctor to Support Timor Sea TV ads
TSJC: Bandaid for East Timor a real 'Downer'

UN: World’s youngest country becomes newest applicant to join UN tourism agency

The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein

Teaching in East Timor - A Diary

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