October  2005

September 2005
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In Memoriam

Nathan Osborn


Support Justice for Murdered Indonesian Activist Munir; Contact Your Representative to Sign Congressional Letter Today

Dissident Voice: The Mass Killings in Indonesia After 40 Years by John Roosa and Joseph Nevins

La'o Hamutuk Bulletin: November 2005 - Petroleum Dependency; Petroleum Regime; Justice; more

‘Illegally and Beautifully’: The United States, the Indonesian Invasion of East Timor and the International Community, 1974–76 by Brad Simpson

LH press release on AusAID revocation of a grant to a Timorese NGO in response to their calling for a fair maritime boundary

Free Speech Radio News: Finding Justice in East Timor (Audio) Following East Timor's independence vote, thousands of Timorese were killed and hundreds of thousands were forcibly displaced. Now, the survivors say the lack of justice threatens both East Timor and Indonesia. Diane Farsetta reports.

U.S. Groups Call on Congress to Maintain Restrictions on Military Aid to Indonesia; Urge Conference Committee to Adopt Senate Provisions of Foreign Aid Bill
U.S. Catholic Bishops on Military Aid to Indonesia
Members of Congress Urge President Yudhoyono of Indonesia to Open up Access to West Papua; Ongoing Human Rights Abuses Condemned

ETAN, other NGOs Write Security Council and Secretary-General on Commission of Experts & Timor Justice

Members of Congress Urge President Bush Not to Normalize Military Ties with Indonesia; Rewarding “Half-Steps” to Reform Undeserved

La'o Hamutuk Bulletin: August 2005 - UNMISET Support for Public Administration; CPLP; Justice

E Timor National Alliance for an International Tribunal: Victims Want An International Tribunal

ETAN Praises U.S. Senate for Upholding Commitment to Human Rights for Indonesia, Timor; Bill Would Maintain Restrictions on Indonesian Military Assistance

FSRN: East Timorese Critique Western Notions of Economic Development (Audio)
The island nation of East Timor is the poorest country in Asia. Yet it's received some $4-billion in international assistance, since the Indonesian military left it in ruins in late 1999. Now, as the government formulates major economic policies, East Timorese groups are critiquing western notions of economic development. Diane Farsetta reports.

A Message from Noam Chomsky: Donate to ETAN's 2005 Appeal

October 31 - November 6

Tassie role in a new vision
Timor fishy business under spotlight
Rights Group Praises US Ban On Military Sales To Indonesia
News that an East Timor pastor is facing execution is false
Xanana speech on receiving CAVR report
Why Is Australia Resuming Military Training with RI?
UN-sponsored panel presents report on 24 years of occupation of East Timor
JRH on Western Sahara
Ex-guerilla detained for alleged involvement in armed activities
Aniceto Guterres speech at presentation of report

UNOTIL Daily Media Review 
Nov 03

Nov 02
29 - 31 October

October 23-30

Ramos-Horta leaves Downer on limb
Suspect troops on Timor border
XG and SBY to meet over border clashes

CAVR to Handover Final Report
PM Alkatiri in Cape Verde to boost justice, finance cooperation
PNG: Timor bid on trade
Lisbon pledges help to create central bank, fight money laundering

No terror training with Kopassus, yet
SBY Slammed Over Slow Military Reform

East Timor wants Sunrise on island

UNOTIL's Daily Media Review 
28 October
27 October
26 October
25 October
22-24 October


Protest during International Day of Action against the Shwe Gas Project in Burma at South Korean embassy in Dili. Photo from La'o Hamutuk.

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JSMP: Elderly man convicted of raping his step-daughter given a suspended sentence

East Timor Libraries Study Tour Report
CathNews: Synod told of Eucharist as 'pulsating heart' of Timor mission

Refugees International: Influential Panel and New Report Urge Action on Exploitation by Peacekeepers
RSF: Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2005: Timor ranks 58

AusAid: UN World Food Day

UNDP: Strengthening Civil Service A Priority For Government And Development Partners
UNDP: Fiscal Decentralisation Course Held In Dili
UNDP: Strengthening Leadership In The Public Service
UNDP Support to National Parliament

World Bank Staff Build Playground at School in Maubisse
World Bank Approves US$10 Million Consolidation Support Program (CSP) for Timor-Leste

The website of the Commission of Truth and Friendship Timor Leste - Indonesia

LH: Timor-Leste people participate in International Day of Action against the Shwe Gas Project in Burma, focusing on Korean government and corporate involvement

UNOTIL: Summary Report of Meeting on PNTL Capacity Development
UNOTIL: Retreat on UNOTIL Mandate Implementation - A Brainstorming Session with Stakeholders

Friends of Same October/November 2005 newsletter

HRW: Indonesia: Keep Pressure on Abusive Army
SBS: Inside Indonesia's War on Terror
ZNet: Indonesia 1965 A power move with far-reaching implication

UN: Secretary-General's joint press encounter with Portuguese Foreign Minister Diogo Freitas do Amaral
UN: A/60/302Humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation for selected countries and regions

World Bank Approves USD10 Million Consolidation Support Program (CSP) for Timor-Leste
AUSGOV: Australia welcomes growth of East Timor oil revenue
UNDP: Ireland Supports Decentralization and Local Gov't

UNOTIL: Dialogue Agrees on Preventive Actions to Reduce Tensions in Oecussi Border Areas
UNOTIL discusses the Criminal Justice System in Timor-Leste

ADB Sharpens Program in Timor-Leste to be More Results Focused
WB: Fundamental School Quality Project
World Bank Donates 20 Computers to NGOs and Universities

UNDP: Vocational Training for Vulnerable Young People Programme
UNOTIL: Malaysian Human Rights Expert delivers training for the Provedor
UNOTIL: First Celebration of the International Day of Peace Across Timor-Leste

Friends and Partners with East Timor October Newsletter

JSMP: Land Law Report
Uniya-JRS: Roads to reconciliation
UN: Letter from President of SC on COE report

AUSGOV: ADF Operations in Timor-Leste
ADB To Help Ease Poverty In Timor-Leste Through Better Roads

October 12 - 22

Border Area of Indonesia-East Timor to Be Barren
Timorese leaders, U.N. representatives visit site of Indonesian border incident
FM blames ex-militiamen for Oecussi border incursions, violence
E. Timor Border at 'Flashpoint;' TNI-Backed Mob Attacks Patrol [3 reports]
Feared E. Timor Militia Rears Head

East Timor Refugees Left Out in Cash Aid

TAPOL book review - A Not-So-Distant Horror- Mass Violence in East Timor
4 Book Reviews on Indonesia- Parry, Nevins; Suryakusuma, Steele

40 Years of Living Dangerously
TNI May Retain Many Businesses Despite Law
Abuses feared as Indonesian military called to fight terrorists
Lifting arms embargo must take reform of the TNI into consideration

Charity begins at home ... in E Timor

New search for answers on Balibo Five

Letter to Hasegawa regarding journalist Jose Belo's Case
Balibo 5 by Shirley Shackleton

ETimor reduces movement of illegal poultry from Indonesia

UNOTIL's Daily Media Review 
21 October
20 October
19 October
15 - 17 October

October 8 - 16

Australia will provide up to $8 million to help feed more people in E Timor

Xanana asks Truth Commission to be cautious
Timorese rights group loses funds
Anniversary of Balibo Five deaths brings renewed call for answers
Justice sector continues to be an aid priority for Portugal

Defence accused of attempting to stop critical book

Portugal awards Annan top honour for role in E. Timor independence
Indonesia, East Timor may seek foreign funds for peace commission

UNOTIL Daily Media Review
14 October

13 October
12 October
11 October
8-10 October


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October 1 - 8

E Timorese president takes vacation with family in Bali
Kontras, Politicians condemn plan to reactivate TNI's territorial commands
Indonesia House ratifies rights covenants ahead of recess [+Implications]

Sternberg involved in East Timor conflict resolution

Portuguese usage 'generalized' in less than decade - Ambassador
Portuguese town councils support school rebuilding

Philippines ends SC presidency with request for justice report

Gusmão urges MPs not to neglect opposition, gov't oversight
Gusmão gives courage to new nation

$90m biodiesel fuel deal

UNOTIL Daily Media Review
7 October
6 October
5 October
4 October
1-3 October

September 2005
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