Subject: U.S. Senate Discussing Financing Equipment for TNI

Tempo Interactive August 3, 2006

American Senate Discussing Financing Equipment for TNI

Jakarta -- The US Senate Appropriation Committee Bill is discussing an increase of foreign military financing proposed by the US Administration.

The aid that will be granted under the Senate Bill amounting to US$10 million is intended to for purchasing heavy equipment and repairs to defense system equipment.

This large amount of funds will also be allocated for education, terrorism deterrents and maritime security.

The United States-Indonesia Society President Ambassador Alphonse La Porta made the above statement (1/8) after a meeting with Indonesian Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono yesterday in his office.

La Porta said that Chris Hill, Assistant Secretary at the Department of Internal Affairs for East Asia and Pacific Affairs, will be visiting Indonesia as a follow-up.

"He and the Indonesian government might discuss an increase in aid for defense and other sectors," he said.

La Porta added that the US Administration recently discussed a strategic partnership with Indonesia.

After the US embargo on Indonesia was lifted, according to him, the US Senate welcomed any attempts from Indonesia to improve relations between Indonesia and the US.

"The Senate's agreement to increase aid is a good signal," said La Porta. -- Rieka Rahadiana

------------------------------------------ Joyo Indonesia News Service

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