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Daily Media Review

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Daily Media Review

Friday, 04 August 2006

National Media Reports

Everybody Should Be Calm And Observant: Hasegawa

SRSG Hasegawa has quoted by STL in Friday’s edition of the daily appealing to the Timorese to remain calm and observe the rule of law in the country. In a press release, the head of UNOTIL further said the international community would respond to the demands of the Timorese to seek justice for those allegedly involved in crimes that led to the violent incidents of April and May this year. He added that the UN is assisting with mechanisms to investigate the facts and the circumstances that let to the incidents and that the Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor-Leste has already commenced its investigations through a Secretariat in Dili led by the Commission’s Executive Director, Mr. Luc Côté. SRSG said the investigation is progressing well and Commissioner Prof. Paulo Sergio of Brazil will head the Commission. (STL)

Barris Rejects Proposal For Reintegration of PNTL And Interpol

Minister of Interior Alcino Barris has rejected the proposal of the international police to integrate PNTL with the international police saying the proposal needs to be carefully planned so as not to contradict the current regulations. The Minister called a meeting with members of the government, commander of the international police and the United Nations to discuss the proposal and the terms of reference for the evaluation and the reintegration of the national police. Barris said the proposal is of good intention but it might not follow the rules of Timor-Leste, adding that the Ministry will issue new identification cards for PNTL to allow them to travel and cooperate with the international police.

In a separate article, Alcino Barris said PNTL are not yet active due to the lack of conditions and they would only resume duty following the evaluation of each member of police force. He said a permanent police post will be established in every suburb in order to enable the population to physically see the police presence and return to their homes. (STL)

FNJP is Gathering Everybody to Dissolve the Parliament + UJTJ Disagrees with Plans + Parliament Must Be Dissolvet Resolve the Crisis: Lobato

National Justice and Peace Front (FNJP) held a meeting yesterday in Tuana-Laran, Dili to encourage organizations to advocate for dissolution of the National Parliament. This meeting was attended by representatives from Youth Unity for Transparency and Justice (UJTJ), and all opposition’s parties. FNJP believes that to end the crisis, National Parliament must be dissolved. General-coordinator of FNJP, Tara told the media after the meeting that the “objective of the meeting was how to dissolve the National Parliament because Mari Alkatiri uses National Parliament to hide behind and people insist on doing so”. In response to a question as to when demonstrations would be held, Tara said that they need to prepare well so that their demands can successful but if not they will blockade NP to stop them from their activities.

In a separate article, representative of Youth Unity for Transparency and Justice (UJTJ), Joao Chogue who also attended the meeting said that his organization disagrees with the FNJP’s plan to dissolve the parliament because there is no reason to do so and it will create more problems. “If we dissolve the parliament, will it solve the problems?” Choque asked. “Our plan is how to resolve first the issue of east and west and the violence which happens everyday” said Choque.

MP from PSD party Lucia Lobato told the media that National Parliament must be dissolved to resolve the crisis because many people have no confidence in Parliament anymore. “We PSD think that the best solution is to dissolve the parliament to end the crisis” said, Lobato. (TP)

Ramos-Horta Wants Public Servants Collaboration in Investigation Process

In relation to the International Investigation Team who will be investigating April and May incidents, Prime Minister Jose Ramos-Horta appealed to all public servants to cooperate with the investigation process if the International Commission Inquiries contacts them for information. “This is an obligation to cooperate so if you have any evidence please give it to the Commission so they can do their jobs effectively” said Horta. He further explained that the Commission will be working with the Prosecutor-General to investigate thoroughly into the incidents which led to the crisis in Timor-Leste. (TP)

RTTL news headlines 03-08-2006

President Gusmao meets government and diplomats

President Xanana Gusmão convened a meeting at his office on Thursday with the PM, government ministers, F-FDTL commander and foreign diplomats. Speaking to journalists after the meeting, PM Ramos Horta said that they had discussed how to strengthen security in the suburbs of Dili and plan for the districts ahead of the scheduled deployment of some 1600 UN police personnel. Community reconciliation plan was also discussed. Meanwhile, Horta stated that he had not forgotten the problems of the petitioners and urged them to cooperate with the TL High Commission of investigation. He has also reportedly issued a letter instructing all the civil servants to cooperate with the international investigation team.

Houses burnt on Thursday

Three houses were reported burnt on early morning Thursday in DELTA I neighborhood, Comoro, Dili. The arson attack was carried out by an unknown group of people. The international police was called in and arrived with the fire service thirty minutes later. The motive of the arson remains unknown.

Government to continue pay ex-ministers

The Prime Minister Jose Ramos Horta said that his government had decided to continue to pay the salaries of all the former ministers, including the former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri. In the mean time, he asked the National Parliament to decide on the arrangements for all the former Ministers, Presidents, Prime Ministers and MPs. It was also said that the former Prime Minister would continue to receive security protection.

Community reconciliation in Becora

The community members of Mota Ulun, Becora, held a community reconciliation meeting on Thursday. The meeting was reportedly held to convince the neighborhood who had fled to return home. It was supported by the Peace and Democracy Foundation.

International Media Reports

East Timor commander says less need for combat troops

Friday 4 August 2006 - ABC

The commander of the latest Australian troops to arrive home from East Timor says there is less need for combat troops in the region. Soldiers from the 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment's B Squadron have been welcomed by friends and family at the Townsville Airport. While in East Timor, the 60 soldiers helped restore order and disarm the nation in the days after civil unrest started in early June. Major Chris Kind says it is the start of a gradual withdrawal of troops from the region. "Law and order has well and truly been maintained," he said. "As you can see, from the drawdown of troops there's a lot more role for the regular police officers and the role for combat troops is obviously steadily dropping. "As that occurs I imagine more of us will be coming back to Australia." An infantry company and 23 armoured personnel carriers will

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