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Daily Media Review

Monday, 07 August 2006

National Media Reports

PR appeals to the youth for peace + Reconciliation must begin with Xanana and Taur

After the arrest of Major Alfredo and his followers, there has been fighting between youth groups in Dili for the past three days. President Xanana Gusmao has appealed to the youth for calm and to contribute to efforts to restore peace and stability in this country, so that Timor-Leste may not lose its dignity as a nation. “I appeal to all youth in Timor-Leste to stay calm and maintain national unity and restore peace in this country”, said Xanana. He further stated that this government is trying to find the best solution to help people emerge from the crisis through to national reconciliation.

In a separate article, PDN MP Juliao Mausiri told the media that national reconciliation must begin with Xanana Gusmao and Taur Matan Ruak because they were not united in dealing with the petitioners’ case. “People were not fighting before, so they should not be blamed; if Xanana and Taur promote reconciliation between themselves, there will be no problem among the people”, said Mausiri.

Director of LABEH, Christopher Henry Samson, told STL that the crisis has come about due to a lack of unity among the leaders. “The conflict has occurred because the leaders have no capacity to bring this people together; when talking about reconciliation it is necessary to first implement justice”, said Henry. (STL,TP).

PM will have regular dialogue with political parties + Political parties will have subsidies + Government will buy more guns

After attending PD’s National Congress, Deputy Prime Minister Dr Rui Araujo told the media that the current government led by Dr. Ramos Horta will hold regular dialogues with all political parties, civil society and the Catholic Church. He explained that the government will work together with all different groups to normalize the situation and return all refugees to their homes. “It is important to have dialogue to share ideas that will enable development in this country”, said Araujo.

Regarding the 2007 General Election, Araujo said that all political parties will have subsidies including those who do not have seats in Parliament, but that they will have to wait for the Electoral Law which has not yet been approved by the National Parliament.

On the same occasion, Araujo announced that the government has plans to buy more guns and ships for the F-FDTL in particular for the Marine Unit. “The budget has been approved by the National Parliament and the money will be allocated to the Ministry of Interior to implement it but only when the F-FDTL has been reformed”, said Araujo. There are many MP’s complaining about this matter because they believe that it will create more problems but Araujo said that it is necessary to increase the capacity of the F-FDTL to act in a professional manner (STL, TP).

Transition government has no right to sign new agreement

President of PD Fernando Lasama told the media after PD’s National Congress that the transitional government led by Dr. Ramos-Horta has no right to sign any agreement with any country because it does not hold the confidence of the people. Lasama added that the National Parliament is also a part of the conflict which led to the crisis, and that it has no legitimacy to ratify any treaties made by Alkatiri’s government, because Fretilin has no credibility in the eyes of East Timorese. He also demanded that the government work hard to end the crisis and bring all people who committed crimes to the court. “PD demands that the President create and lead a small transition government to only focus on humanitarian, health and refugees, and on measures to return refugees to their homes”, said Lasama. (STL)

Members of PNTL who committed crimes must go to court+ PNTL must hold dialogue with F-FDTL

After meeting with Prime Minister Ramos-Horta at the Ministry of Interior, PNTL Commander Paulo Fatima Martins told the media that members of PNTL who committed crimes must go to court according to the law of this country. “I appeal to all members of PNTL that anyone who has committed crimes please present these to the court and that those who are innocent please return to PNTL to continue their job” said Martins. Martins further added that he and other commanders of the PNTL have been investigated and if found guilty they will take responsibility for the crimes they have committed according to the law.

In a separate article, Prime Minister Ramos-Horta said that to resolve the problem and to serve this country again PNTL and F-FDTL must hold dialogue. “Dialogue is important to resolve two institutional problems: first, we have to show our maturity and responsibility by talking to each other and confess that what we have done was wrong so that we can together serve our nation”, said Horta. (STL)

RTTL news headlines from 06 August 2006

President Xanana Gusmão swears in new Ambassador to Malaysia

On Friday 04 August President Xanana Gusmão swore in Juvencio Martins as new Ambassador to Malaysia. Speaking at the ceremony President Xanana told the new Ambassador that to explain the reality of the country and try to attract foreign investors to Timor Leste.

President Xanana Gusmão appeals to youths to calm

President appeals to youths to stay calm and give the political leaders time to resolve the crisis. Speaking to press, President Xanana Gusmão stated that he has met with some groups of youths and will try to organize the next meeting with other groups in next week. President also appeals to stop taking revenge with each other.

President Xanana Gusmão participated in PNTL meeting.

On Friday 04 August President Xanana Gusmão participated at PNTL meeting in Ministry of Interior office. The objective of meeting was to put together the PNTL members who have divided because of the crisis.

PM Horta provides statement at the office of Prosecutor General

On Friday 04 August Prime Minister Horta provided a statement to Prosecutor General regarding distribution of weapons by former Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri. Speaking to press Prosecutor General, Longuinhos Monteiro stated that PM Horta responded to ten questions and “we still have one reserve witness who is going to give his testimony in the case but probably we aren’t’ going to use the witness because we have enough data.”

Inational Media Reports

Peacekeeping costs soar to over $7m

Sunday, 06 August 2006


Additional troops shipped to East Timor and the Solomon Islands cost New Zealand more than $2 million, pushing annual peacekeeping costs in the area to more than $7m.

Defence force spokesman Mike Shatford said New Zealand had 660 soldiers deployed overseas which was "a major contribution". The long-term impact on the defence force budget could not be determined because it was not known when soldiers would return home. The Sunday Star-Times was given the financial breakdown under the Official Information Act and also received cabinet papers showing April's violence left the UN undecided about its future in East Timor. The UN had a mandate to operate in the country until May, just over a month after 600 soldiers in East Timor were dismissed after protesting poor conditions and alleged discrimination. The soldiers' dismissals triggered violence and at least 30 people died in the uprising and about 150,000 reportedly fled the capital, Dili. Letters sent in May between Defence Minister Phil Goff and defence chief Jerry Mateparae show the violence left the UN base undecided about how much of a force to leave, which delayed a New Zealand decision. About 209 New Zealand troops and support staff remain in East Timor. A spokesman for Goff said the soldiers would remain "as long they're needed. We are assessing the ongoing situation". The cabinet papers said peace-keeping in East Timor "enhances our reputation with the UN" and "has not only been acceptable to the New Zealand public but also a source of pride". (

UN Report Condemns E Timor Justice 11:44 AM, 06 Aug 2006 The United Nations Secretary General has repeated a call for punishment to be meted out for crimes committed during East Timor's independence referendum in 1999. In a report to the Security Council, Kofi Annan says there should be no impunity for crimes against humanity, gross violations of human rights and grave breaches of humanitarian law. The report says 1339 murders during 1999 were investigated, but only two fifths of those produced indictments inside East Timor, and there were trials in only a quarter of those cases. It says Indonesia, which in some cases assisted in the killing, later put 18 people on trial but 17 were acquitted on appeal. East Timor's renewed violence this year, which the UN says killed at least 37 people, is the subject of a separate UN inquiry now underway. (

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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