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Daily Media Review Tuesday, 08 August 2006

National Media Reports

F-FDTL and Petitioners will hold dialogue+ Government has no plan to buy guns: Horta

Prime Minister Jose Ramos Horta told the media at International Airport Nicolau Lobato, that the President has sent a letter to Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak and members of F-FDTL to hold a dialogue with the petitioners. “We have to hold dialogue between F-FDTL, PNTL and the civil society to share different ideas that enable them to serve this country” said Horta.

In response to the reformation of F-FDTL and PNTL, Horta said that reformation within PNTL has been started but F-FDTL’s 20:20 package is still underway with international advisors. When that’s finished, a report will be sent to the government and the National Parliament for approval.. He further explained that the President and the Minister of Interior are looking into the problem of how to reform the two institutions so that PNTL and F-FDTL could serve the nation and act in a professional manner according to law.

In a separate article, Horta said that his government has no plan to buy more guns as was reported in yesterday’s news, but does plan to buy equipment for the Marine Unit, particularly ships to patrol the maritime area and control illegal fishing in the country. However, he said, this plan will take time to implement. (TP, STL, DN)

International force must return PNTL guns: Clementino Amaral

Vice President of Commission B for Defence and National Security in the National Parliament Clementino Amaral told a DN reporter that international troops (IT) must return PNTL’s guns which they took from PNTL members. “I think international troops should investigate all PNTL members to make sure that they are not involved in any of the recent violence” said Amaral

In relation to the government’s plan to buy equipments for the Marine Unit, Amaral said that it is important to buy equipment and ships for the Marine Unit to patrol and maintain security in the maritime area. (DN)

Justice first before reconciliation

MP from PSD party Lucia Lobato told the media at National Parliament that justice has to be implemented first before reconciliation can begin and all people who committed crimes must be brought to justice. “The East Timorese want reconciliation and it’s necessary because people want to rebuild this country in peace and harmony. Reconciliation is a fundamental principal that everyone should defend but those people who committed crimes first must be brought to justice.” said Lobato. She added that East/West issues would not be resolved unless people who were involved in incidents 28 April and 25 May are summoned to court. (TP)

Stop GNR mission in TL

National front for Justice and Peace (NFJP) asks Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) to stop their mission in Timor-Leste because their presence here is not bringing peace to the country.

Coordinator of NFJP Augusto Araujo Tara stated in his press release yesterday that all judges from Portugal and the GNR have not shown their impartiality and commitments to bring justice for East Timorese people. “As we all know the former Prime Minister Alkatiri’s case has not been brought to justice and also judges in the court of Appeal are controlled by the Portuguese and they can manipulate regulations of UNTAET No 1/1999, section 3 so that Mari Alkatiri will not be brought to justice” said the press release.

Tara further stated that when GNR captured Alfredo they detained him in prison but Mari Alkatiri and Rogerio Lobato still remain at home like nothing has happened to them. (STL)

Youth must together to resolve the security problem: Xavier

In relation to the fighting between youth groups in Dili, President of ASDT party and Vice President of National Parliament Francisco Xavier appealed to the youth for calm and to contribute to efforts to restore peace and stability to this country. “Independence does not mean to fight and create instability but to come together to rebuild this country. There is no East and West but we are all Timorese and we all fought for independence” said Amaral. To maintain security and stability the youth must joint their hands together and only we bring peace and unity to this nation. We all want to see East Timor as a great country in the world” Amaral added. (STL, TP)

RTTL Headlines from 7 August 2006

PM: Horta returns from his official visit to Kuwait

Last Friday PM Horta visited Kuwait. The objective of PM Horta’s visit to Kuwait was to identify the concrete areas between Timor Leste and Kuwait. Speaking on TV PM Horta said that Timor Leste needs Kuwait assistance in areas of transportation and communication. Kuwait is going to building an auto road from Los Palos to Batugade, and a pipeline from greater sunrise to Timor Leste. PM Horta also added that Kuwait is going to set up gasoline station so that Timor Leste does not depend on Indonesia’s Pertamina. PM Horta also said in short time the Government of Kuwait is going to send 5 ambulances and medicines.

MPs from Fretilin send petition to President of National Parliament

It is reported that 24 MPs from Fretilin bench sent a petition to the President of the National Parliament which people are interpreting as boycotting the budget. In response to the issue MP Elizario Ferreira, as head of Fretilin Bench in Parliament denied the issue of boycotting budget.

Democratic Party (PD) held National Conference

During the weekend the Democratic Party held a National Congress at Memorial Hall. Amongst issues that they discussed are; more support from international police, appeals to youths to guarantee the security and national unity. It also reported that PD will hold another congress at the end of September.

International Media Reports

Returning Troops Praised By LINDA SOUTER

08 Aug 06 - Townsville Bulletin

A CONTINGENT of Townsville troops who played a key role in restoring peace in East Timor returned home last night. Speaking to the Townsville Bulletin from Dili yesterday, Force Commander Brigadier Mick Slater said he was proud of the effort of the 105 soldiers from Alpha Company 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR). They are a great bunch of guys who played a key role from the moment they arrived 73 days ago until they left," Brig. Slater said. "They certainly have earned a rest."

He said Alpha Company were the first soldiers on the ground in the centre of Dili and had played an important role in the early days of the operation. They did the key jobs straight up, such as securing the United Nations compound and parliament house." He said they were also responsible for securing much of the key infrastructure of the city, such as power stations. Brig. Slater said Alpha Company had proved themselves invaluable with their work in the suburbs around Dili. "They have done a lot of very good work in the suburbs where they got to know the local population very closely and gain their confidence," Brig. Slater said. He said locals were able to hand over much-needed intelligence to the soldiers which led to the capture of a large number of gangs. Brig. Slater said Alpha Company were also the first members of the security forces to move to the city of Bachau, where they again disarmed many people. He said around 1500 troops from Townsville remained in East Timor, but many would be returning home shortly. Remaining troops would be re-deployed back to Australia at 10-day intervals during the next six to eight weeks provided the situation in the country remained stable. "As soon as I can send them home I will," Brig. Slater said. (Townsville Bulletin)

Net assets of the East Timor Petroleum Fund rise to US$649.7 million

Dili, East Timor, 07 Aug ­ macauhub

The financial applications of the East Timorese state based on oil exploitation revenue reached US$649.7 million in the first half of this year, the Banking and Payments Authority announced Friday in Dili. The BPA press release indicates that the figure concerns applications in United States treasury certificates. The operation complies with legal requirements in East Timor regarding establishment of the so-called Petroleum Fund, which was unanimously approved by the national parliament in June 2005. The East Timorese authorities set up the Petroleum Fund to ensure that revenue from the exploitation of hydrocarbon resources is managed with the highest degree of transparency. The BPA, which will eventually become the central bank of East Timor, is according to law the institution responsible for the fund’s operational management. (macauhub)

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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