Subject: UNOTIL Daily Media Review 22 August 2006

Daily Media Review Tuesday, 22 August 2006

National Media Reports

Prosecutor General Must Not Close Alkatiri’s Case

President of the National Parliament, Francisco ‘Lu’Olo’ Guterres said the Prosecutor-General will address the Parliament soon to explain the investigation results on former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri in relation to allegations of guns distribution to civilians. Guterres told the media on Monday that MPs are concerned with the investigation results regarding Alkatiri which has not been made public, adding that the MPs’ concerns are fundamental and just because the Prosecutor-General presents his report to the Parliament each year but this year he has not yet been called due to the crisis. ‘Lu’Olo’ said the results of the investigation process of allegations against Mari Alkatiri should be made available by now but for unknown reasons the Public Ministry keeps delaying it. The President of the Parliament stressed it is important for the results of the investigation to be made public for Mari Alkatiri to exercise his function as Member of Parliament and concentrate on legislation. According to Jornal Diaro Nacional, Francisco ‘Lu’Olo’ Guterres will also invite the Minister of Defence and the Minister of Interior to explain the security development of the nation starting from the crisis up to the present.

In a separate article, MP Francisco Branco (Fretilin) appealed to Parliamentarians with evidence in relation to allegations of some MPs’ involvement in arms assault, distribution of guns to civilians, and commands to attack the government food warehouse during the crisis, to report to the judicial sovereignty. According to Diario Nacional, Branco suggested the Parliament plenary session on Monday establish a Parliamentary Eventual Enquiry Committee to investigate MPs allegedly involved in the crisis. (TP, DN)

According to media reports Tuesday, a former Falintil member accused of being involved in May 25 incidents is currently under pre-trial detention as per Dili District court decision on Monday (21/80.

People Wishing To Divide Timorese Are Not Nationalist: Bishop Belo

Former Bishop of Dili Diocese, Don Carlos Ximenes Belo told Diario Nacional, the terms Lorosae and Loromonu are used by people wishing to divide the Timorese people, adding these people are neither nationalists nor patriotic. Belo said he cannot comment further on the situation as he is not presently in the country but stressed people from ‘east’ or ‘west’ are all Timorese people and one is not above the other. He further said the youths involved in thefts and the destruction of properties should not consider themselves Christians and Timorese. Belo said political leaders, for their own interest, are creating the ‘issue’ of Lorosae and Loromonu adding that the capital Dili belongs to all Timorese. He appealed to the people to be humble and forgive each other. (DN)

Youth Attitude Positive: MP Gonçalves

MP Joe Gonçalves (PSD) congratulated a group of youth from Ermera District for their initiative in overcoming the division of Lorosae-Loromonu, by participating in Falintil commemorations in Baucau on August 20. According to Gonçalves the youth initiative is a positive step towards peace and stability in the nation. MP Francisco Xavier (ASDT) said the attitude the youth demonstrated must be honored for showing a good example to the leaders, the population and other youths in forgiving one another. On Sunday, around 100 youths from Ermera traveled to Baucau to participate in Falintil’s commemoration day. According to media reports, F-FDTL Chief of Staff, Colonel Lere Annan Timur and Commander Falur Rate Lae welcomed the group in tears. (DN)

‘Fretilin Grupo Mudança’ Will Hold Extraordinary Congress

‘Fretilin Grupo Mudança’ will hold the second extraordinary congress following extensive consultation with former delegates as well as representatives from the districts. The extraordinary congress will be held at the end of the month of September. According to Victor da Costa, leader of the group, the second extraordinary congress has the full consent of the members.

In the meantime, former coordinator and founder of Ojetil, [a youth group of Fretilin] called Traccoa stated that it is necessary to hold the second extraordinary congress in order for Fretilin to win the 2007 elections. Traccoa further said that in 2001 many members left and joined other parties due to their dislike of the system applied by Mari Alkatiri in Fretilin. Therefore, he added, it is important to hold the extraordinary congress to change the leadership. (STL)

TV Monitoring News Report, 22 August 2006

The first Battalion commemorated the 31st anniversary of Falintil in Baucau

In the presence of the local leaders and ex-combatants, the first battalion of Falintil commemorated its 31st anniversary at Baucau Airport. After the celebration, Lere Anan Timor told journalists that, “this date is a very historical day for all of us here, politicians and every East Timorese. Therefore, we must take this opportunity to reflect on the suffering that we endured during the era of resistance.”

Two national leaders including Jose Reis, the State Secretary of Region 1, Jose Manuel Fernandes, State Secretary of Culture and Youth a group of youth from Ermera participated in that event.

Representative of Fretilin Reformist Group (FRG) stated that an Extraordinary Congress will be a unique solution to secure the party in the 2007 General Election.

Victor da Costa, the coordinator of the FRG stated that, “in order to gain a victory in the coming election, we must fix the problems of the Fretilin leadership. We found that the current leadership is no longer good. I say this because the current leaders do not want change. For example, they always prevent us from effecting any political change. However, for the betterment of the party, we would like to bring change to the leadership of Fretilin, including reformation of the members of Central Committee of Fretilin”.

He said that “although Court of Appeals decided to legalize and legitimize the result of the second Fretilin Congress, we of the Reformist Group will leave it to the people to decide. Again, the decision will be in the hands of the people and not that of the Court of Appeals”.

Florindo Frederico de Jesus (Oan Kiak) was sent to the Becora Prison for pre-trial detention .

After 72 hours in a detention centre, Oan Kiak was sent to the Becora Prison for the pre-trial detention. According to his defender, he will be attending the hearing process in court in the coming few days.

International Media Reports

Australian officer injured in Timor-Leste's unrest

22 August 2006 ­ Xinhua

An <>Australian police officer has been injured in the latest unrest in Timor-Leste's capital of Dili. The officer is serving in Dili as part of an international police effort to restore order, dispatched after the dismissal of one-third of the Timor-Leste's Army last May sparked riots in the city, in which 21 people were killed and 150,000 people displaced. Australian Federal Police on Monday confirmed the officer was treated for minor wounds after being attacked by gang members in Dili at the weekend. A federal police spokeswoman said the officer was continuing to serve in Dili. "He's fine, it was relatively minor injuries," she said. "He hasn't been (flown) out or anything like that ... he hasn't left Dili," she said. Australian Federal Police superintendent Tim Dahlstrom said earlier that international police had detained 25 people for carrying weapons and rioting after the Australian officer was assaulted and six homes burnt during weekend violence in Dili. (Xinhua)

Unrest returns to East Timor streets

Monday 21 August 2006, 18:14 Makka Time, 15:14 GMT ­ Aljazeera Net

Twenty-five people have been arrested by international peacekeepers after a weekend of violence in East Timor's capital during which youths set fire to homes and threw petrol bombs at a refugee camp.

Tim Dahlstrom, deputy commander of the international police in East Timor, said his troops were working with local security forces in Dili to restore order. "Twenty-five people were arrested ... for carrying weapons and rioting," he said, adding that guns, slingshots, spears and knives had been seized. Gang warfare, looting and arson left 30 people dead and sent nearly 150,000 fleeing from their homes in May and June. The violence began after rival security forces fought on the streets of the capital. A new government was put in place last month and the presence of foreign troops has largely eased tensions, but the weekend violence highlighted ongoing security concerns. Mobs burned at least seven houses to the ground and threw stones and Molotov cocktails at a refugee camp near Dili's airport, terrifying residents but causing no injuries, officials said. "It is important we get the community talking together to try to reconcile their differences," Dahlstrom said, explaining the need to work with local police. "It is the community that must solve the problem." (Aljazeera Net)

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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